Week #24 — Note from the Farmer

Dear CSA Member,

This is the last delivery of the 2017 season. We would like to thank all of our CSA members for being apart of the Stoneledge Farm CSA and for all your support throughout the season. A special Thank You to all the CSA site coordinators! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication this 2017 season. It has been a wonderful year and we are looking forward to the spring of 2018.

The 2018 season is now open! Thank You to all the members that have signed up already! We appreciate the early signups as most of our purchasing for the next growing season is done in December. We are running an early signup special $15 off your standard vegetable share. Your $15 discount has already been taken off the vegetable share and the price will be raised January 1st. Check your CSA site details for more information. To reserve your spot for the 2018 season you can log in to your account to place your order. Click on 2018 CSA Shares If you have any questions please let me know. info@stoneledge.farm

Last Chance to Order from the Marketplace: You can order bulk vegetable items that are available for your Thanksgiving Dinner!
Friday, November 10th. by 12pm – Last chance to order mushrooms.
Monday, November 13th by 3pm – Last chance to order Coffee, Maple Syrup, Seed Oils, Vegetables and Fruit in Bulk.
****Order soon because items a lot of items are now being Sold Out.

Delicata Squash- This week you will be getting Delicata Squash! This has been a high member request! This squash can be baked like the regular butternut and has a taste very similar to a sweet potato. Just delicious!

This week you will also be getting Celeriac, Carrots, Potatoes, Kale and, Collard Greens. These are all great items to add to a soup considering these cold temperatures that we will be experiencing these next few days! You will also be getting Pop Corn and Brussels Sprouts again this week. I have added directions below for both of those items.

Brussels Sprouts: This week you will be getting Brussels Sprouts. Below is information on how to prepare the Brussels Sports.

Use a paring knife to separate the sprout from the stalk.
Trim the base of each sprout close to the bottom but, not too close that the sprout starts to come apart.

3. Peel away and discard any browning or blemished leaves.
4. You are now ready to cook the Brussels Sprouts.

Pop Corn:

Take the kernels from the cob (by twisting both hands on the cob the kernels will fall off)
Use 1/2 cup of kernels for a large bowl of pop corn or 1 corn cob
Add 1tbl. of oil to large pot with lid.
Add popcorn and cover (do not lift cover until all of the popcorn is popped. If you lift the lid the popcorn will not pop!)

5. Add butter, salt or your favorite and Enjoy.

Again, Thank You and we hope you have a Safe, Healthy and Warm Winter Season!

Warm Wishes,
Candice for Everyone at Stoneledge Farm


Week#24 — What’s in the Bag

4 – Garlic
1 stalk – Brussels Sprouts
1 bunch – Sage
2 – Onions
2 lbs. – Potatoes
1 lb. – Carrots
1 bunch- Kale
2- Pop Corn
1 bunch- Collard Greens
1- Delicata Winter Squash

Optional Shares this week


1 bag- Apples and Bosc Pears