Carnegie Hill CSA Extras – Deadline Extended – No Cheese

Order by Midnight tonight, July 12th
For Delivery on July 17th!

Lewis Waite Farm is extending ordering through Monday night because they needed a little extra time to get a few new products on the website for you from the new beef that is arriving at the farm today. Please remember they are unable to order more cheeses from Sweet Spring Farm, West River Creamery and 3 Corner Field Farm.

Beth’s Farm Kitchen: is out of Dilly Beans and Gooseberry Jam until their locally sourced ingredients are ready.

Farmer Ground Flour: has decided to discontinue 2 lb bags. Greg has said he will still pack them for us on a few select types where we feel that 5 lbs is a lot to use at once. We will continue to offer 2 lb Buckwheat, Polenta, Rye, Spelt, and Cornmeal, but everything else will slowly go to 5 lb only. We store the flour here in our freezers or cooler, and recommend you do the same if you have a lot left over.

GEM Buffalo: Is still trying to set a processing date, but we were able to pick up a few more Hump Roasts and some stew.

Hawthorne Valley: Lacto Fermented products now available! In case you missed it in the order reminders for the last order, this is a biodynamic certified organic farm in the Hudson Valley. They have all kinds of lacto fermented veggies, hot sauce, and a beet kvass. Fermented foods are great for your digestion.

Lewis Waite Farm: Has posted new pork inventory, and expects to pick up beef on Monday. If there was anything special you are looking for that they are out of, please add it to your order notes and we’ll include it if they can (flank, skirt, sirloin, flat iron, etc).

Rock Hill Bakehouse: Reminds us that there are no preservatives in their bread, and it should be kept in the fridge or eaten quickly on these hot and humid days.

Farmer Ground Flour: Buckwheat 5 lb flour on sale! Great for pancakes, Soba noodles, and more. You can mix the nutritious buckwheat flour into any bread recipes, but don’t use more than ½ buckwheat or you might have problems with rising.

Lewis Waite Farm: Sale on Smoked Beef Kielbasa! Skip the cooking, just thaw and serve!

Manx Station is still offering their Ribeye at a discount, and also wanted to encourage everyone to try a Chevon Shoulder Roast for a $2/lb saving!