What’s in the Bag — Week 6

Full Vegetable Share
Bright Lights Swiss chard – 1 bunch
Summer Squash – 2 pieces
Marketmore Green Cucumbers – 2
Eggplant – 2
Scallions – 1 bunch
Caraflex Cabbage – 1 head
Currants -1 basket. Currants are a fruit that we grow on the farm. Slightly tart. You can add them to cooked dishes or make a sauce by cooking them with some water and sugar. I use currant sauce with poultry as you would cranberry sauce.
Dill – 1 bunch. You can’t have all these cucumbers and not have dill.
Boothby Blonde/Poona Kheera cucumbers – 4

Half Vegetable Share
Even gets cabbage

Mushroom Share

Fruit Share
1 box each of local no-spray blueberries and local sweet cherries.


What’s in the Bag — Week 5

Full Vegetable Share
Sugar Snap Peas-1 pound
Summer Squash-1 pound The rain and heat have been difficult on the Summer Squash. The harvest was a bit less this week.
Boothby Blonde/Poona Kheera Cucumber-2 pieces
Escarole-1 head There are great Escarole recipes on the farm website Recipes section.
Napa Cabbage-1 head
Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage-1 head
Summer Spinach-1 bunch
Scallions-1 bunch
Cinnamon Basil-1 bunch

Half Vegetable Share
Escarole-1 head ODD
Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage-1 head ODD

Napa Cabbage-1 head EVEN

Mushroom Shares
Please note, the total amount is less than some of the other varieties. Oyster Mushrooms are difficult to grow and more expensive.

Fruit Shares
1 basket No Spray Local Blueberries
1 basket local Sweet Cherries

What’s in the Bag — Week 4

Dear CSA Member

Salad, salad and more salads this week. We do seeding and transplanting weeks apart to help with the timing of the lettuce harvest, but even with our best efforts, the lettuce seems to take on a life of its’ own. Many heads of beautiful lettuce are ready to be harvested. Lettuce is not a plant that can wait and so your share will be full of leafy greens. Salad is an easy one but you can also grill the heavier leaved varieties of lettuce. There is also a Lettuce Soup Recipe on the farm website, Recipe link from a CSA member. The softer leaved varieties make great lettuce wraps. There are wrap ideas on online at http://www.babble.com/best-recipes/15-ways-to-make-lettuce-wraps/. I also found http://www.thekitchn.com/help-ways-to-use-lettuce-besid-57101 to have a number of different ideas and recipes to use lettuce. If you have a Mushroom Share it is delicious to sauté the mushrooms adding a bit of Balsamic Vinegar. Prepare a bed of lettuce leaves and pour the warm mushrooms over the lettuce. The heat wilts the leaves slightly and the mushrooms and Balsamic are a delicious dressing. I am sure there are many more lettuce recipes and ideas. If you have some you would like to share, please send them to me and I will add them to the Recipe section of the farm website.

Everyone is cheering the arrival of Summer Squash. It is just beautiful. The last of the Garlic Scapes and Kohlrabi. I have received e-mails asking what to do with the Kohlrabi. Two favorites that other members have passed along are Kohlrabi puree or Kohlrabi sliced thinly and added fresh to a salad.

Escarole is the leafy green in the share that some may think is a lettuce. It is not. Escarole is part of the Endive family and has a heartier leaf with a somewhat bitter taste. Escarole and White Beans are a traditional favorite.

Marketplace orders can be placed by logging into your account and then selecting Marketplace on the upper menu bar. Honey, Coffee by the pound, Maple Syrup and Mushrooms in larger quantities are all available for order. The Shiitake and Oyster Mushrooms are from a smaller mushroom farm, The Hill Farm, Wiltbank family. They are just beautiful. You might like to try them from the Marketplace.

This is the last call for Fruit Share additions. The Fruit Shares must be added by Wednesday July 3. To add the Fruit Share, log into your account from the farm website home page, select CSA Shares on the top menu bar and add the Fruit Share.


Enjoy the Vegetables,
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

What’s in the Bag — Week 3

Dear CSA Member

I have been posting new photos on the farm facebook page. You might like to take a look. I try to keep them updated on a weekly basis and you can keep up with what is going on in the field and around the farm through the photos.

A week for salads. The rain has been persistent and you will need to give the greens extra attention, but the cool, wet weather has kept the lettuces very tender and sweet tasting. Lettuces in all colors and shapes. There is also Golden Purslane this week. It is a succulent plant that adds a different taste and texture to a salad. Purslane is widely eaten in other countries and has just started to gain popularity in this country. The lettuces will yield to the hot weather so enjoy the salads while the lettuces are abundant.

The first Spinach and Bright Lights Swiss Chard. What a treat. Garlic Scapes for the share this week as well.  Kohlrabi for the first time in many years. The variety is Kossak which yields a larger Kohlrabi.  They look like they should be a root crop but really grow on top of the soil on a short stalk. They can be eaten raw or cooked. They taste a bit like broccoli stems. Peel them, slice and add to a salad. Or cube and roast. The greens are edible as well. Wash, slice and boil.

I wanted to make a note about the Fall Farm Festival. Seems like a long time until September but mark your calendars. This year the Fall Festival will be on September 7, the first Saturday in September. Much more to come.

Marketplace orders can be placed by logging into your account and then selecting Marketplace on the upper menu bar. Honey, Coffee by the pound, Maple Syrup and Mushrooms in larger quantities are all available for order. The Shiitake and Oyster Mushrooms are from a smaller mushroom farm, The Hill Farm, Wiltbank family. They are just beautiful. You might like to try them from the Marketplace.

Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

What’s in the Bag — Week 2

Dear CSA Member

Rain and more rain. You will see the difference in the size of the greens that come to you with all the moisture. Many of the same vegetables as last week we harvest for your shares. There are three heads of different types of Lettuce this week. The fresh lettuce is such a treat after the long winter. I know lettuce is available every season from the grocery store, but we just picked this for you and I think you can taste the difference.

Things will be a bit muddier this week. We have been struggling with the rain. We do give everything a rinse, but you will need to give the greens a good wash. I find the best way is to cut the leaves from the stem, wash in a bowl of water, repeat. There is nothing better than a salad spinner to finish the job.

Many members asked about adding a Mushroom Share. This is the first time we have offered the Mushroom Share and so we thought a second signup for Mushroom Shares would be helpful. The signup for the Mushroom Shares for those that would like to add a Mushroom Share is online. The Mushrooms will then start for this sign up on Week #3. To add a Mushroom Share log into your CSA Member Account from the farm website home page, click on Member Login under the center photo. Log in and then select CSA Shares on the upper left menu bar and then add the Mushroom Share. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail and I will be back in touch. Mushroom Shares will need to be ordered by Friday the 21st.

Marketplace orders are also added by logging into your account and then selecting Marketplace on the upper menu bar. Honey, Coffee by the pound, Maple Syrup and Mushrooms in larger quantities are all available for order. The Shiitake and Oyster Mushrooms are from a smaller mushroom farm, The Hill Farm, Wiltbank family. They are just beautiful. You might like to try them from the Marketplace.

Enjoy the vegetables.

Deborah, for everyone at Stoneledge Farm.

What’s in the Bag — Week 1

Vegetable Share
Rhubarb-1 bunch.
Boc Choi-1 bunch
Chinese Cabbage-1 head
Red Leaf Lettuce-1 head
Romaine Lettuce-1 head
Spring Time Kale-1 bunch
The first time we have grown Kale in the Spring. It has been perfect Kale weather.
Garlic Chives-1 bunch
Mustard Greens-1 bunch
Mizuna-1 bunch
Oregano-1 bunch

Mushroom Share

What’s in the Bag — Week 24

Dear CSA member

This is the last delivery of the 2012 CSA season. It is a time to reflect and give thanks.

The fields have produced so much this season. Starting with the earliest plantings of tender greens for spring time salads, to the hearty kale and carrots that can withstand the cold, late fall weather. It is grey and cold now out side but the fields are green with Winter Rye. Taking a rest, but never really asleep. It is amazing to be part of.

The partnership between farm and community is also amazing and we are thankful to be a part. We are grateful for your support of local, organic agriculture, for being part of our farm and your community through your CSA membership. A special thank you to the coordinators and volunteers that work week after week to organize the local CSA sites and membership.

Keep warm this winter and enjoy the vegetables. We’ll see you in the spring.

Happy Thanksgiving
for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

What’s in the Bag — Week 23

Dear CSA member

We are nearly finished with the 2012 CSA season. There will be one more delivery after this week and we are filling your share with delicious fall vegetables. Soup, stew, pot pies  home made with the fall share will warm you body and soul.

If you have any last minute Market Place orders, please log in and place your order soon. There is nothing like the sweet taste of honey or maple on a bowl of oatmeal in the morning along with a delicious cup of organic, fair trade coffee. I love breakfast!

Our fields are green with Winter Rye as each space is tilled and seeded as we finish picking the crops. The Rye is like a beautiful, growing blanket that covers the soil over the winter months.

We planted the garlic for 2013 during last week. It has been so wet and the weather so warm that we could not plant it before this. We did not want to plant the garlic and take a chance that the warmth would encourage the cloves to grow.  Last week the weather turned cold and winter like.  The wind was howling and it was cold and it was time to plant the garlic.  The garlic cloves are now under the soil and will pass the winter months in the field.  Next spring, they will be some of the first plants to break through the soil. The circle of garlic. The garlic that was not saved to use as seed has been coming in your share and will again this week.

Keep warm and enjoy the vegetables.
for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

What’s in the Bag — Week 22

Dear CSA Member

After the storm and many people in the region are still trying to figure how to best manage. The farm was spared and we will be resuming deliveries this week. It rained only a bit and there was one windy night. As we get ready to make this weeks’ delivery, we hope that you have been able to also weather the storm.

The Vegetable Share this week is very large. The Fruit Share will be substantial for the remaining weeks. Our delivery truck will be packed full. This is also the Coffee Share delivery for November. Two more weeks of delivery after this, so if there are Market Place items you would like to order, please do so soon.

Richard Sandhaus, BetterCheaperSlower web based daily info, has made a wonderful recipe using beets and radish. To view the recipe go to www.BetterCheaperSlower.com/CrunchyFallSalad for the recipe, photos and details. There is also a delicious Beet Cake Recipe on the farm website, recipe link. I tried the Beet Cake recipe and substituted 1 cup of grated carrot, 1 grated apple and 1 cup grated beet in place of 2 cups beets. I think the recipe may even be able to use more than 2 cups of grated vegetables but I have not tried out this theory, yet.

New this week are Turnips with Greens. The Turnip Greens are spicy, mustardy tasting greens and should be removed from the turnip and cooked separately. Also new are Brussels Sprouts. They are just delicious. Cut the sprout from the stalk, remove any off colored outer leaves and rinse. Steam or sauté. There are a few crew members that thought they did not like Brussels Sprouts until they tried them fresh.

The Face Book photos are updated on Sunday.

Enjoy the vegetables.
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

What’s in the Bag — Week 20

Dear CSA Member

Rain, rain, and more rain.  The fields are wet and muddy and so are we.  It seems fall has been making up for the lack of rain all summer.  The creeks are full again and the trees must be drinking in the moisture, but it makes for tough picking.  The updated farm Face Book page has photos of the farm during this wet fall weather.  There are also photos of Collards being picked for this week and the Pop Corn.  I have been keeping up with the changing weather and also the changing weeks by updating the photos weekly.  The Face Book site is https://www.facebook.com/StoneledgeFarm if you have not been to the site yet.

We are gleaning the fields, harvesting all of the crops that we can, and then discing the soil.  A cover crop of Winter Rye is seeded and the land is once again ready for winter.  The Winter Rye continues to grow even in the cold, the soil is never really resting.  Just because we can not see growth, there is more life and activity under the soil.

New this week is Pop Corn. It is great to have Pop Corn to send to you. Birds love the small seedlings as they emerge and learn just how to pluck them from the soil.  After a year of planting and then re-planting after birds ate every emerging plant, we stopped for the last couple of years.  The farm has grown and now we have fields that are closer to where we work on a daily basis. Although the birds did take more than their fair share, we have a very good harvest for the CSA members as well. To use fresh Pop Corn take the husk from the cob if it is still on. Let the corn sit for two weeks in a dry spot.  We have been drying the corn in the greenhouse, but the moisture just does not fully leave until the corn is kept inside. After a couple of weeks, take the kernels from the cob by pushing them off with your thumb. Once you get a row going, the others will be easier to remove. About 1/2 of the ear of corn is a good amount to pop at once.  Heat a pot with a cover and a dribbling of vegetable oil. Add the kernels and cover.  You will hear the popping start and then slow.  Take from the heat, add butter and salt if you would like.  Fresh Pop Corn is just delicious.

Honey in a one pound jar is just perfect for holiday gifts for teachers, baby sitters, friends.  Maple Syrup is so sweet and such a treat.  Apple Sauce and Pear Sauce have only fruit with no other ingredients added.  The Fresh Salsa is really delicious.  The weeks are slipping by and we are already on week #20.  To place a Market Place order just log into your account from the farm website home page.  Your order will be delivered with the CSA shares.

Enjoy the fall, the rain and the vegetables.
for everyone at Stoneledge Farm