What’s in the Bag — Week 13

Dear CSA Member

The Annual Farm Festival is this upcoming Saturday, September 8 from 11:30-3:00. Open to all Stoneledge Farm CSA Members.

Come meet your farmers, walk the fields and see how and where your vegetables are grown. Please bring a dish to share for our pot luck luncheon and your own place setting. The farm will provide pork and corn on the cob from the roaster, fresh fruit and water, freshly brewed coffee. Kim and Mickael Paradis of Paradis to Go, http://paradistogo.com/about.html, 114 Fourth Ave New York, NY 10003 will be manning the roaster. We are so happy to have Kim and Mickael joining us this year.

There will be Wagon Rides around the fields, freshly dug carrots to pick up and take home. Before you leave take time to pick a fresh bouquet of flowers. Please bring your own scissors and container to transport your bouquet. The flowers are near the end of their summer glory, but still hold some beautiful colors. All of our Market Place products: honey, maple syrup, coffee, preserves, salsa  will be available for purchase.

Other farms that will also  be attending

Our friends and neighbors, HEATHER RIDGE FARM. Fiber products and pasture raised meats. Are you a knitter, crocheter, spinner? Heather Ridge has beautiful yarns and rovings for your project. They have incredibly warm socks, a blend of their own sheep wool and llama fiber, machine washable. Crew and boot styles, many sizes. They make wonderful holiday gifts. Try a tasting of their award winning Chili. Containers of frozen chili will be available for purchase along with all of their pasture raised meats. To see the full order form  to pre-order any of their products, please go to the farm website, www.stoneledgefarmny.org,  Farm Blog. You can download their price list and pre-order form there.

PAINTED GOAT FARM with their artisan goat milk cheeses. Tastings and cheese for purchase. Painted Goat farm has been working with a number of our CSA sites and we are happy to have them attending.

WINTER SUN FARM with information about their CSA Winter Share will also be attending.

For directions to the farm, go to Contact and Directions link on the farm website and use the 145 Garcia Lane, Leeds, NY 12451 address. Driving down Garcia Lane please go all the way to the end of the road. You will pass through a gate and see the barns and tents. Parking will be in the grassy area.

Parents and guardians, we welcome children for a day of fun on the farm. We are planning child centered activities but this is a working farm and you are responsible for your children. 

A member also sent the information that  the 5th Annual Village of Catskill Artists Studio & Gallery Tour is scheduled for Sept. 8 & 9, 11 am – 5 pm. http://www.catskillartiststour.com/.


This week on the farm Face Book page is the Winter Squash Harvest.

Hope to see you at the farm.
for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

What’s in the Bag

Dear CSA Member

The garden is turning the corner towards fall.  Beautiful carrots, Summer Savory, and Spinach are in your share this week.  We continue to gather what is still being produced of the summer crops with tomatoes and peppers.  The colors are just outstanding as we fill the crates to deliver to the CSA sites.

The Farm Festival is scheduled for September 8 from 11:30-3:00. A great day to come and visit the farm and meet your farmers and experience first hand how your vegetables are raised. Complete information will be posted on the farm web site, Farm Blog.

Market Place orders will be delivered with the CSA shares. There are two new Coffee roasts, Espresso and also a Mid Day Coffee in both ground and whole bean available from the online CSA Market Place.

This week the farm FaceBook page should be updated on Sunday.

Enjoy the Vegetables
Deborah, for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

What’s in the Bag — Week 11

Dear CSA Member

We walk the fields often to observe. The health of the plants, the growth of the vegetables, what is ripe, what will soon be ripe. The fall time vegetables after tempting such a bounty of summer but we must resist for a bit. Soon the sunshine taste of summer will be replaced with the hearty tastes of fall. The vegetables of summer must be picked or they will be lost. Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes. They are ripe and delicious. It has been a good season this year for tomatoes and we are happy to have a nice share again this week. Peppers of all colors, Walla Wall Onions, Summer Leeks, Basil and Bright Lights Swiss Chard.

I hope you have made note of the Farm Festival on September 8. It is an unique opportunity to come and experience your CSA vegetable farm. You will walk the fields and look over the crops that fill your share. We will be digging carrots for you to help pick and take home. There will be a pork and corn roast and we ask that you bring a dish to share for a huge pot luck luncheon and your own place setting. We planted about 1/4 acre of flowers for the Farm Festival and I hope they will still be in really good shape so you can pick a bouquet to bring home. Heather Ridge Farm will be attending with yarns, socks made from fibers from their own flock, pasture raised meats and poultry, bees wax candles. All from their farm. I will be posting their list on the farm website if you would like to take a look and even pre-order. Winter Sun Farm, the Winter CSA share folks, will also be attending. They will have info about their Winter CSA shares. Hope you will be able to make the trip.

This week I am planning on posting our Farm Family Photo Album on the Farm Face Book page if I can get everyone to stand still long enough for a photo. The photos will be posted Monday.

Enjoy the vegetables.
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

What’s in the Bag — Week 10

Dear CSA Member

The sounds outside are changing and, although the calendar says it is summer, we can already hear that the insects know that the seasons are rolling along.  There is a constant chirp in the air and it is so constant that you do not notice the sound unless you stop and listen. I’m not sure what insect it is, but it is the sound of late summer.

The heavy rains that come with intense heat have been pounding the farm during the last week.  It has been so dry that the rain is rather quickly drawn into the soil but with such downpours it makes for some muddy going.  The creek has been very low and now is flowing  quickly. The summer vegetables have been soaking up the sun and probably also the intermittent rains. The flavors are intense this year as they seem to be in a dry, hot season. Tomatoes, onions, peppers and basil. Could it be any better?

We are working on plans for the Farm Festival to be held on September 8 for all CSA members. Heather Ridge Farm, farmer our friend Carol Clement, will once again have a display with items for sale from her farm. Long time friends and CSA members Bonnie and Lori will be manning the Heather Ridge Farm booth for Carol. Heather Ridge Farm is a pasture based livestock farm. At the last Farm Festival there were a number of CSA members that were discussing yarns, knitting, and spinning. Carol will have a beautiful supply of locally raised and spun yarns as well as socks from her own alpaca fibers.

If you have suggestions of what you would like to see included at the Farm Festival, please send me your ideas at info@stoneledgefarmny.org. We will be concentrating on the vegetable production at our farm and our farming practices. If there is something you would be especially interested in hearing about, seeing or participating in, we would like to hear from you. Peter is planning on digging carrots for members to pick up and take home. There is nothing like getting your hands in the soil to pull out a beautiful orange carrot. We will have a pork roast, corn on the cob, fresh fruit, walks around the fields and tractor pulled wagon rides as well. We ask members to bring a dish to share along with your own place setting. Mark your calendars, load up the family and come to the farm for the day.

New photos that are posted each Sunday on the farm Face Book page https://www.facebook.com/StoneledgeFarm. I make a circle around the fields and catch a glimpse of our week.

Enjoy the Vegetables
Deborah, for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

What’s in the Bag — Week 9

Dear CSA Member

August and the tomatoes are ripe. They are sweet and delicious. The smaller varieties ripen first and so there are Cherry Tomatoes and also small slicers this week. The Walla Walla Onions are a large, sweet summer onion. Peppers for the first time and String Beans. Summer is great.

Please make a note that the Farm Festival is September 8th from 11:30-3:00. It is a day of fun on the farm. Our neighbors Kim and Mickael Paradis will be manning the roaster this season. Their second home is their restaurant located at 114 Fourth Ave, Manhattan, Paradis to Go. We will have roasted Corn on the Cob and pork and fresh fruit.  We ask members to bring a side dish to share and their own place setting. There will be wagon rides around the farm as well as walks around the farm with Peter or myself. It is just a day of visiting with each other and also getting a first hand look at where and how your vegetables are grown.

This week is the August delivery of the Coffee Share for members that have ordered a coffee share. Market Place orders will also be delivered with the CSA shares.

Welcome August. Looking forward to all the great flavors that the summer brings. I have been updating the farm Face Book page each Sunday with photos of what is happening on the farm and also any new vegetables that are coming in your share.

Enjoy the Vegetables
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

What’s in the Bag — Week 8

Dear CSA Member

Rain and slightly cloudy conditions have eased the drought pressure a bit. Watching the news we are thankful that we can irrigate our crops although the lack of rain does put pressure on the plants and the crew.  The crops are continuing to ripen and look and taste great and are a testament of the hard work and continuous care your vegetables receive.

Fresh Baby Carrots are being dug for the first time this season. They are tender and sweet. Cut the greens from the carrots, wash and steam them with a bit of the stem remaining. The skins are so tender that they do not need to be peeled.

Tomatoes are slowly ripening.  It feels that we wait and wait for tomatoes to ripen for your share.  There are rows and rows of tomatoes, staked and tied to keep the air circulating.  The first tomatoes are such a treat.

Starbor Kale will also be picked this week. It is a frilly early Kale. A nice change from the other greens we have been picking. Kale Chips are a favorite of many CSA members. Preheat an oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Line a non insulated cookie sheet with parchment paper.  Remove the leaves from the thick stems and tear into bite size pieces. Wash and thoroughly dry kale with a salad spinner. Drizzle kale with olive oil and sprinkle with seasoning salt. Bake until the edges brown but are not burnt, 10 to 15 minutes.

There is still Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage that just has not ended.  There are new recipes on the farm website Recipe section that members have been sending. I think there is nothing better than crispy Cole Slaw.  Cabbage will also keep for weeks in your refrigerator. Easy Refrigerator Sauerkraut Recipe, Cole Slaw and also Braised Cabbage are new to the recipe section.

I have been doing quite well updating the farm Face Book page each Sunday.  Check out the new vegetables, field work and other photos from around the farm.  Go to https://www.facebook.com/StoneledgeFarm.

Market Place orders: coffee, honey, maple, sauce, pickles, preserves, will be delivered with the CSA shares.  To place a Market Place order just log into your account from the farm website home page. Click on Market Place under the center photo.

Enjoy the Vegetables
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

This Week’s Share — Week 8

This week’s full share is:
Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage-2 heads
Summer Squash-1 pound
Cherry Tomatoes-1 basket
Red Onions-3 onions
Baby Carrots with Greens-1 bunch
Starbor Kale-1 bunch
Green Basil-1 bunch
Thyme-1 bunch

Fruit Share
Peaches-1 basket-local
White Nectarines-1 bag-local
Blackberries-1 basket-no spray

What’s in the Bag — Week 7

Dear CSA Member

The huge storm that rolled through the metropolitan area last week completely missed the farm. We were waiting for rain but all that arrived was more heat and humidity. Friday, without warning, it rained. Finally. A good soaking rain that everyone welcomed. The air has cooled and the temperature is almost 40 degrees cooler than just two days ago. It may seem that farmers are always talking about the weather, but it is what fills our thoughts, our plans and our days.

Slowly the summer vegetables are ripening. A week of Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage and also Scallions. The Lemon Basil is fragrant and the Chiogga Beets sweet with such amazing rings. The Chiogga Beets are an Italian heirloom beet. They have concentric rings of pink and white and are a beauty. The greens are delicious as well.

If you have had your fill of Beet Greens and Bright Lights Swiss Chard, clean, steam and put them in a plastic freezer bag. Pop it in your freezer and it will be an amazing treat during the winter months when the last greens are long gone.

Enjoy the vegetables
for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

What’s in the Bag — Week 6

Dear CSA Member

New week, same weather.  I think if you were lucky enough to be on vacation, it would be ideal.  There may be showers on Sunday.  Time will tell.

This years’ garlic harvest is in the barn and hanging to cure and dry.  It looks like some of the best garlic we have grown.  We were uncertain how the warm winter would treat the garlic bulbs, but so far, the bulbs look wonderful.

The garlic will now hang and cure in the barn for the next couple of months.  The outer cover will become dry and the cloves will break apart easily.  At least one third of the bulbs will be saved for seed for next year.  If you come to the Farm Festival  in September, you will be able to see how we hang and dry the garlic. The annual Farm Festival is the second Saturday in September, the 8th.  Mark your calendars and we hope you will be able to make the trip.

We are still taking Market Place orders online so if you would like to order coffee, honey, maple, preserves, sauce and salsa, please log in and place your order.  It will be delivered with the CSA shares.

A special thank you to the members that made the trip to the farm this last Friday and helped harvest garlic: Kristen, Anne,Kathy and Alan.  It was a hot and humid day, but everyone held tough and were a great help.

I do try to post photos of new vegetables on the farm Face Book page by Sunday.  So far I have each week.  Look for them this Sunday as well.

Enjoy the vegetables
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

What’s in the Bag — Week 5

Dear CSA Member,

The heat and sunshine have been relentless. It is summer. Thankfully we have a irrigation pond that is spring fed with the precious resource.  With out irrigation, the crops would have been exhausted in the heat. It is the endless challenge that we face each season trying to work along side Mother Nature as best we can as farmers.

This upcoming Friday, July 13th, we are inviting members to come and help harvest the garlic for the first Work Visit. It will be hot and it is not the best time for small children and dogs to visit the farm.  We will be working in the sun and if Friday follows our weather pattern, it will be sunny and very hot. Bring a lunch and plenty to drink along with a hat, gloves if you do not want to smell like garlic and sunscreen.  We start early in the fields but for members 10-3 is the time frame to help harvest garlic.  We have a port o let but you might want to stop at the last rest stop, Malden, before exiting at Thruway Exit 21, Catskill.

If you are planning on coming to help, please use the West Farm Address 145 Garcia Lane, Leeds, NY 12451 address. You will find a map and directions on the farm website, Contact and Directions link.  If you coming to help, please send an e-mail to the farm in case there are any last minute changes. The address is info@stoneledgefarmny.org.  I will also post any changes on the Farm Blog portion of the Stoneledge Farm’s website.

The Scallions are young and tender and the greens are as tasty as the white bulb.  With such young scallions you will be able to use the entire scallion.

Parsley is the herb this week. So packed with flavor. If you happen to have any remaining, chop and put in a freezer bag. Pop in the freezer for use later.



Enjoy the Vegetables,
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm