If you are interested in joining the CSA for the first time, be sure to read About our CSA and agree that all members are required to volunteer at the site for at least one, 2 hour shift during the season.

If you have any questions about our CSA email us at info90csa [at] gmail [dot] com

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Organic Vegetable Shares
$545 — Standard 24-week full share
$290 — Half Share 24-week
$280 — Spring 12-week full share, June-Aug.
$285 — Fall 12-week full share, Sept.-Nov.

Fruit Shares
Fruit season runs for 20 weeks, the fruit is not organic; however is provided by local farmers with low spray practices.
$245 — Full 20-week share, July-Nov.
$125— Half 20-week share, July-Nov.
$125 — Spring 10-week share, July-Sept.
$125 — Fall 10-week share, Sept.-Nov.

Mushroom Share
The Mushroom Share is delivered every week, 24 deliveries, one variety of mushroom per week. The Mushrooms are raised naturally but are not certified organic.
$130 — 24-weeks

Coffee Share
A Coffee Share is a set number of pounds of coffee delivered monthly during the CSA season. All of the coffee is organic, fair trade, grown on small family coffee farms, and locally roasted before delivery.
$126 for 2 pounds of coffee delivered 6 times (once a month) during the season.

Dry Bean Share
The dry beans are certified organic and NYS grown.  Three varieties of dry beans are offered. Organic black turtle beans grown in Trumansburg NY Organic pinto beans and Organic Red Kidney beans both grown in Penn Yan, NY. A Dry Bean Share is a set number of pounds of beans delivered monthly during the CSA season with your Vegetable Share.  The Bean Share is 24 oz. (1.5 pounds) of black beans, 24 oz. (1.5 pounds) of pinto beans and 24 oz. (1.5 pounds) of red kidney beans. These beans will be delivered once a month for 6 months of delivery. A total of 3 bags per month and 27 pounds of Beans per season.
The cost of the bean share is TBD.  Check back in January.