More Benefits

CSA Cookbook
Since it’s publication, all new members of our CSA are offered a copy of the cookbook, Recipes from America’s Small Farms, by Joanne Lamb Hayes and Lori Stein two Yorkville CSA members. This books gathers the most exciting, original, and authentic recipes from farmers across the country and members of Community Supported Agriculture. Readers will find it easy to locate recipes, organized by food family, that call for the vegetables and fruits that are in season, readily available, and simple to use. Each chapter provides details about the history, characteristics, and nutritional qualities of specific fruits and vegetables. Cooking techniques, useful sidebars, and a glossary make this book an indispensable resource to our members.

Weekly Recipe Suggestions
Available online, Judi, our own CSA cooking expert suggests recipes to make from each week’s share.

Extra Products
In addition to our weekly vegetable members can order this additional items.

  • Stoneledge Farm Marketplace: a fruit share, honey, syrup, organically grown, fair trade coffee from farmer’s in Central America.
  • Lewis Waite Farm and their network of farms in New York and Vermont: Meat, poultry, eggs and many vegan products. Delivered every other week during the season, and once a month in the off-season.