2019 Season Begins Tuesday, June 4 for 24 weeks.
Pick up share at the Church of the Heavenly Rest, 5th Avenue and 90th Street

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About Us

The Carnegie Hill CSA is a member of the Stoneledge Farm CSA network. Stoneledge Farm grows organic vegetables for its members and delivers them weekly to pickup locations throughout the NYC metro area. Carnegie Hill CSA members receive a share of these vegetables.


Member Bonnie Webber and Farmer Debbie Kavakos formed the Carnegie Hill CSA more than 20 years ago. We are proud to say that the Carnegie Hill CSA was one of the first in NYC, and the very first for Stoneledge Farm. Today Stoneledge Farm has 26 delivery locations in NY and CT.  Stoneledge Farm’s husband and wife owners Deborah and Pete Kavakos still work at the farm, which is now run by their son Pete Jr., his wife Candice and their young daughter Grace.

Bonnie with Stoneledge Farmers Deborah and Pete

Why Join Our CSA?

Being a member of the Carnegie Hill CSA means being a part of a community of neighbors and friends.  We meet weekly to pick up our vegetables, share neighborhood news, recipes and have potluck gatherings.  We talk to the farmers who grow our food and take our kids (or just ourselves) to Stoneledge Farm Visits in the Catskills. Being a member is a commitment to healthy living right here in New York City. 

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Carnegie Hill CSA members are required to purchase a base share of vegetables from Stoneledge Farm and volunteer to work at least one 2 hour shift during the season.

Fruit, mushroom, bean, coffee shares and CSA Extras are all optional.


Organic Vegetable Shares

$555 — Standard 24-week full share
$295 — Half Share 24-week
$292.50 — Spring 12-week full share, June-Aug.
$292.50 — Fall 12-week full share, Sept.-Nov.



Begins the 5th week of the season.  

$260 — Full 20-week share, July-Nov.
$132.50— Half 20-week share, July-Nov.
$132.50 — Spring 10-week share, July-Sept.
$132.50 — Fall 10-week share, Sept.-Nov.


Delivered every week, 24 weeks.
Cost: $145


2 lbs. of coffee, delivered monthly for 6 months, during the CSA season. Total: 12 lbs. of coffee per season.
Cost: $126 


Delivered monthly during the CSA season for a total of 6 months. Each month three bags containing  24 oz. (1.5 pounds) of Black Turtle Beans, Pinto Beans, and Cannellini Beans will be delivered.
Total: 27 pounds of beans per season.
Cost: $116

All New Members Receive a FREE COOKBOOK!

Recipes from America’s Small Farms

By Joanne Lamb Hayes and Lori Stein
Written by two Yorkville CSA members, who gathered featured recipes from farmers and members of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) across the country. Cooking techniques, useful facts, and a glossary make this book an indispensable resource to our members.
Books will be distributed at the start of the season.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Give your share to a friend or neighbor. When they come, they should go to the member table and give your name. Let them know it’s BYOB (bring your own bag)! 

We need to be out of the space that the Church so graciously lends to us by 7:15PM. Therefore we must start closing down by 6:50PM. When you know that you will be late, please send a text by 6:40PM so we can bag your share of vegetables, so it will be there when you arrive.

Only if it’s listed on the swap list at the table. One member writes on the list what vegetable you are not taking. The next person sees on the list that they would prefer that vegetable so they will take an extra of an item on the list and then they leave a vegetable they will swap. 

The Fruit Share is fresh, local, seasonal, conventionally grown fruit from neighboring orchards and fruit farms.  Some of the berries are no-spray or organic depending on the crop. 

Unfortunately the answer is no. To become a member you need to purchase a vegetable share.

Once you become a member by purchasing a vegetable share you have options to add to your share.  You can get a weekly mushroom share, monthly coffee share and bean share from Stoneledge Farm.  You can order honey, maple syrup, seed oils and more.  Order online from the Lewis Waite Farm CSA Extra Network to obtain local organic eggs, cheeses, poultry and meats, seafood, local bread, soup mixes, and so much more!

Stoneledge Farm acts in good faith to provide CSA members with plentiful shares of fresh, local, organic produce for the CSA harvest season. Farming is dependent upon nature with no guarantee of quantities or contents of the CSA shares. By becoming a CSA member you are agreeing that these benefits and risks are included the CSA membership: a commitment to eating seasonally, supporting regional agriculture and a small family farm, your local community and to share the bounty of the harvest and well as the risk of production.