Note from the Farmer — May 24, 2017

Dear CSA Member,

We are a little over one week away from the first CSA delivery of the 2017 season! Very exciting! We have been preparing for this since November.
If you would like to add optional shares to your account please add them soon. They do sell out! The last day to order these optional shares is listed below.
Dry Bean- SOLD OUT Mushrooms- June 1st Coffee- June 21st Fruit- June 26th.

The Online Marketplace is Now Open! Dry Beans are available on the Marketplace if you are interested. You are able to log into your account and place your marketplace order by clicking 2017 Marketplace. Your marketplace order will be delivered with your first CSA delivery.

First CSA Delivery
Tuesday, June 6th

CSA Share are still available in some locations. If you could help spread the word to friends, family and coworkers that would be great! Thank You!
Below is the farm update from Pete Jr.


Farm News Update:

The past several weeks has been a flurry of activity. The main objective has been to get the many transplants out of the greenhouses and into their permanent home in the fields. Most transplants have a window of only a couple days when they are an ideal size for planting. Too small and they will not have roots necessary to survive. Too large and the plants can be elongated and quickly damaged by the sun and the wind. The weather has cooperated and we are starting to finish up the first big push of spring plantings.

As I write this the crews are finishing up the last of several thousand squash and cucumber transplants. I spent the last couple days direct seeding into the fields. The first seeding of beets, beans, carrots, popcorn and more are awaiting the imminent rain that is set to come in over the next couple days. The fields are full of small transplants that will certainly benefit from a rainy day or two! The spring greens are doing well and nearing maturity. The fields of lettuce and salad greens look perfect so far. (I can’t wait for some fresh salads and a good stir fry!)

Today’s tasks include finishing up the squash transplants, cultivate for weeds, hill the potatoes and cultivate some more. Our crew is doing a great job! I’m sure you will all be pleased in the coming weeks.
Thank you all for your continued support and please pass the word to friends, family, and neighbors. Only a few days until the 2017 season begins and we rely on all of you to help spread the word and keep our membership strong and our farm moving forward.

I will be sure to keep you updated on all the latest.

Enjoy your day!
Pete Jr.

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