Week #9 — Note from the Farmer

Dear CSA Member

August and the tomatoes are ripe. You will have a very nice share of tomatoes this week. The wet and cold weather are not the favorite growing conditions of tomatoes but so far the tomatoes are looking good. We have tied the plants up in a “basket weave” of twine to keep the tomatoes off the ground. Stakes are pounded into the row every other plant and then twine is wound down the row around one stake and then to the back of the next. Twine is then reversed on the row so that the tomato plant is held between the strands. The tomatoes have better air circulation and the leaves and fruit are off of the ground.

If you are interested in canning or freezing tomatoes there are a limited number of 25# boxes of tomatoes available for order from the online CSA Marketplace. Just log into your member account, select Marketplace and place the order. The tomatoes will be delivered in a box with your name on the outside.

New this week is also Gold Beets with their Greens. Like two vegetables in one. Take the greens from the beets and use separately. They cook quickly and should be used like any other cooking green. The Gold Beets are beautiful.

Not to be out done by Sweet Corn. This was a trial year for Sweet Corn. We have not grown Sweet Corn in many, many years. It is a bit tricky and there may be a worm at the end of the ear. Just snap the end of the ear off and enjoy. Organic Sweet Corn is a challenge but I think you will really enjoy the flavor of freshly picked corn.

This is a Coffee Share week.

Enjoy the Vegetables.
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm