Week #7 –Note From The Farmer

Week #7

Dear CSA Member

Each year at this time the farm undergoes our annual Organic Certification Inspection. Records are diligently reviewed, our fields, equipment and all of the supplies inspected. The farm has completed our annual inspection and certification. It is a rigorous process but we are proud to be able to display the USDA Organic logo.

The share this week has some unique vegetables. Real Celery, Fennel, Orient Express Eggplant, Cilantro and Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage.

The Celery is dark green and has a strong flavor. The leaves are very flavorful as well and if you do not use them now, wash, chop and put in a zip lock bag to be stored in your freezer. When you are making soup as the weather cools, the Celery greens will be a wonderful addition.

Fennel has a sweet anise taste and can be cooked or eaten raw. There is a delicious Fennel and Tomato Soup recipe on the farm website Recipe section.

Marketplace Orders can be placed by logging into your CSA Member Account. There is delicious organic, tree to bar dark chocolate from Grenada. We visit the farmers and the chocolate maker and they are grateful for the support given by the CSA.

This week Fruit Share is Yellow Peaches and Sugar Plums. The Mushroom Share is White Button.

Enjoy the Harvest.
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm



Cabbage-1 head. You will see that the Early Jersey Wakefield has grown significantly. It is very tender and delicious.
Cucumbers-1 Silver Slicer. A white slicing cucumber.
Lettuce-1 head I thought the lettuce was finished last week but there was another late planting.
Summer Squash-4
Orient Express Eggplant-2
Summer Spinach-1 bunch
Celery-1 head
Fennel-2 bulbs
Cilantro-1 bunch

Fruit Share-
Yellow Peaches-1 bag
Sugar Plums-1 box

Mushroom Share
White Buttons

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