Farmer’s Note — Week 15

Dear CSA Member

Fall weather and we are all soaking it up. I have to say we are a bit weary after the long season and the change in season is welcomed. We look forward to the hearty vegetables that fall brings.

This year we increased the number of fall transplants to give a bit of variety to the fall greens. The fall transplanting of Boc Choi is ready and beautiful. The cooler, wet weather has been perfect for Boc Choi. Mustard Greens were also transplanted at the same time the Boc Choi was and is tender and mild tasting. They can be used fresh or gently cooked.  Try adding them to a salad with a sweet-tangy salad dressing like the recipe for Mixed Greens’ Salad with Apples and Maple-Walnut Oil Dressing that can be found on the farm website Recipe Section, Mustard. Almost seems like spring time once again.

Part of being a CSA member is receiving the abundance of harvest. This year cabbage is in that category. We planted the same amount of transplants as other years, but it seems that not one was lost. Cabbage again this week. We need to keep harvesting and it just keeps coming.

Potatoes are also a bumper crop.  The cool and very wet summer were perfect conditions for potatoes to grow. What a treat to eat freshly dug potatoes. The skin is just as delicious as the rest of the potato. If you start to have a surplus of potatoes, keep them in your refrigerator vegetable drawer.  They will last and last.

There was a small child’s purple sweat shirt and a hot plate with a winter scene left at the farm visit. If either is yours, please let me know and I will sent them back with the CSA shares.

This week there are Bartlett Pears and Gala Apples available through the online Marketplace along with Honey, Maple and Coffee. New photos have also been posted on the farm Face Book page. Take a look.

Enjoy the vegetables.
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm