Farmer’s Note — Week #15

Full Vegetable Share
Carrots-1 bunch with a variety of colors
Acorn Winter Squash-2  The Winter Squash will hold a little longer if we do not wash it.
Winter Squash freezes very well.  Cook the squash, scrape the flesh and mash.  Put in a zip lock bag and freeze.
Garlic Chives-1 bunch.  Everything is edible including the flowers and small seed heads
Green Fall Cabbage-1 head
Spinach-1 bunch. The last of the spinach.
Mint-1 bunch
Habaneros-take if you like but use with caution. These are one of the hottest peppers.  Do not touch your eyes or any other sensitive area after handling the peppers.

Fruit Share
1 bag with Gala Apples, Bartlett Pears
1 box of Concord Grapes. We were lucky to be able to find grapes this season.  Most of the vineyards lost their grape crop due to the early hot spell and then frost. Concords are a seeded variety with a tasty skin.