Farmer’s Note — Week 16

Dear CSA Member
What a treat this week has been. Beautiful fall weather. The leaves are just starting to change and we are so fortunate that we can be part of this spectacular transformation each year.

Lacinato Kale is a favorite kale variety. Long, thin leaves in a bluish green color. The flavor is just a bit more subtle than some of the kale varieties.

Tomatillos were requested by a couple of members and we went through the patch again. They are just perfect for Salsa Verde. Add a couple of Serrano Peppers for heat.

Greens of Mustard are quite tender and can be used fresh or lightly sautéed. Radishes from the fall planting. We planted them in the spring as well but they were washed out in a heavy rain. Makes them even better in the fall. Most are French Breakfast which are longer and white with pink to red. There are a couple of Cherriette Radishes that seemed to sneak into the patch. Those are the round, red radishes. Both varieites are delicious this time of year. The greens are also edible if you like a peppery green.

Cabbage keeps coming and is in the share again. CSA member Myles sent this funny link So glad that our cabbages are a more manageable size. Entire homes would be full of cabbage at the rate they are growing this season!

This week there are Tomatillos by the 10 pound bag, Bartlett Pears and Gala Apples available through the online Marketplace along with Honey, Maple and Coffee. New photos have also been posted on the farm Face Book page. Take a look.

Enjoy the vegetables.
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm