Farmer’s Note — Week 16

This week’s full share is

Lacinato Kale-1 bunch

Carnival Winter Squash-2 Many recipes for Winter Squash-any variety including Pumpkins, call for 2 cups of cooked squash. Cook the Winter Squash, measure 2 cups and put in a zip lock bag. Freeze until you need it. There is a great Winter Squash Bread recipe on the farm website, Recipe section.

Garlic-2 bulbs

Red Cabbage-1 head  An old time recipe for Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage is posted on the farm website, Recipe section. If you have some of the Green Cabbage and a Carrot left in your refrigerator, try the Cole Slaw recipe with a combo of the two colored cabbages and a carrot.  The colors are beautiful, almost like confetti.

Beets-1 pound

Thyme-1 bunch

Carrots-1 pound

Hot Peppers-take if you like. They are really hot so take caution when cutting them.  Keep away from your eyes and other sensitive areas.

Fruit Share
1 bag with Red Bartlett Pears, Early Fuji Apples, Gala Apples all together.