Farmer’s Note — Week 18

This Week’s Full Share

Beira Kale-1 bunch The traditional leaf kale (Gallena) for Portuguese kale soup.
This unique specialty from Portugal is also called Portuguese cabbage or sea kale. The taste and texture of the wavy green leaves is similar to collards. The thick fleshy midribs and stems can be peeled and eaten like celery or included in the soup.

Winter Squash-Sweet Dumpling-2

Leeks-1 bunch. The best way to clean leeks is to wash first, slice in the desired length and then wash the cut pieces in a bowl of clean water. Leeks grown in layers and often trap soil between the leaves.


Beets-2-yes, they are huge but super sweet.

Sage-1 bunch

Black Radish-2 Another different fall vegetable. Skin and slice thinly. Salt and eat fresh.

Celeriac-1 bulb This is a very different looking vegetable. Peel the rough skin and then use in soup, stews or other cooked dishes. The Celeriac will add celery like flavor. Can also be used in a fresh slaw. A recipe for Celeriac Slaw has been added to the Recipe Section of the farm website.

Cauliflower-1 head

Fruit Share

We wanted to give you something a little different this week.
1 jar of Pear Butter
1 bag with Bosc Pears and Cortland Apples