Farmer’s Note — Week 23

This week’s full vegetable share:
Beets-2 pounds
Carrots-1 pound
Brussels Sprouts-2 stalks
Lacinato Kale-1 bunch
Garlic-2 bulbs
Sage-1 bunch
Boc Choi-1 bunch
Potatoes-2 pounds
Celeriac-1 head
Turnips with greens-1 bunch
Pop Corn-2 cobs-let this dry for 2 weeks or so.  The pop corn that was sent earlier will be dry enough now to pop.  The color of the kernels gets a little more intense and they look drier.  Pick the kernels from the cob, heat up about 1 TBS of vegetable oil in a pot with a lid.  Put in the kernels and wait for the popping to start.  Add butter and salt to taste.  Fresh pop corn is addictive and delicious.

Fruit Share
1 bag of Winesap Stamen Apples, Golden Delicious Apples, Bosc Pears
1 jug of locally produced Apple Cider