Farmer’s Note — Week 7

Dear CSA Member,

This has been a brutal week to be a farmer.  It is the same for anyone who has to work outside no matter the weather.  Each day it has gotten hotter and more humid.  It must easily be near 100 degrees in the field.  Plenty of water to drink, but the work is hard and we can not stop.

The vegetables are still soaking it all up and producing very well. I thought that last week would be the cucumber week, but the cucumbers have rallied again and the harvest is even greater than last week. A benefit of being a CSA member is sharing in the bounty of a harvest. Each year it varies crop to crop.  This year the cucumbers are outstanding. Cucumber soup, cold cucumber salads, refrigerator pickles. Cucumber and yogurt are a natural combination during the heat of the summer. There are recipes on the farm website Recipe section.

During this extreme heat make sure you get your share home, rinsed and in the refrigerator as soon as possible.  All of the vegetables are fresh, but cannot withstand the heat.

All being said, it is summer.  I guess we should expect a good dose of hot weather.

Enjoy the vegetables.
for everyone at Stoneledge Farm