Farmer’s Note — Week 7

This week’s share is subject to change before Tuesday. Please check website for any updates.

Full Share
Summer Squash-1 pound.  The heat and dry conditions have really put a strain on the summer squash and production has slowed dramatically.

Chiogga Beets-1 bunch

Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage-1 head

Lemon Basil-1 bunch  A fragrant, lemon scented, small leaf basil.  The small leaved specialty basil varieties all flower very early.  Pick off the flower heads and eat if you would like or use as a garnish. The leaves can be used as you would green basil but with a lemony twist.

Scallions-1 bunch

Sage-1 bunch


Radicchio-1 head

Bright  Lights Swiss Chard-1 bunch

Fruit Share
Blueberries-1 basket.  This is the last week for blueberries.  Local, No spray.
Peaches-1 basket. Local
Nectarines-1 bag.  Local