Week #14 — Note from the Farmer

Dear CSA Member

Thank you to all the members that attended this years’ Fall Farm Festival. We never felt a drop of rain nor heard a rumble of thunder although the weather predictions were dire. The sky was clear all day.  Everyone enjoyed picking up freshly dug carrots, gathering a bouquet of flowers and taking a ride on the wagon. Again, thank you for coming.

The vegetables are moving quickly into the fall favorites. This week we have started to dig potatoes.  The potato digger is pulled behind the tractor and unearths the potatoes, laying them neatly on the hill that once covered the growing potatoes. It takes human hands to pick them up, though. We then wash the potatoes using the barrel washer, an oak sided barrel that rotates as water is sprayed onto the potatoes as they make their way from one end to the other. There is nothing so perfect as as freshly dug potato. A video that Peter took while digging potatoes posted on the farm Face Book page.  Actually, it is posted twice because I didn’t think the first went through.

The online CSA Marketplace offers bulk vegetables as we have extra after harvest. Please check the Marketplace as the vegetables and also fruit will change week to week with availability.  Coffee, Chocolate, Honey and Maple are available as well.  

Enjoy the Harvest.
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm