Week #17– Note from the Farmer

Dear CSA Member

Butternut Winter Squash was picked a month ago and has been curing in the heat of the greenhouses to develop the deep orange color and sweet, dense flavor. The variety is a smaller Butternut that is a bit easier to handle and has exceptional flavor. Winter Squash differs from Summer Squash in that the squash is mature with a hardened skin. You can use Butternut in any recipe calling for Winter Squash or Pumpkin. All the same family and you will find that the Butternut has a better texture and flavor than most pumpkins.

Lacinato Kale or Tuscano Kale or Dinosaur Kale. All the same kale with many different names. Lacinato Kale is a long, thin leaved kale with a slightly blueish tint to the leaves. A favorite for use fresh in Kale Salad.

The weeks are slipping by and you may like to stock up on honey and maple going into the winter. Both will keep and be a treat during the cold before we start our CSA deliveries once again next June. The Marketplace stock does start to run low toward the end of the season so please place your orders early to make sure you receive the products you would like. This week there are Cortland Apples available through the Bulk Fruit section of the Marketplace. If you like to make applesauce to can or freeze, Cortland Apples make a beautiful pink apple sauce when cooked with the skin on.

Enjoy this beautiful fall and the bountiful harvest.
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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