Week #21 — Note from the Farmer

Dear CSA Member

A cold very wet week. The rain is needed in the fall to fill the creeks and rivers but it makes picking and packing heavy and chilly.   

Red potatoes, freshly dug and packed for your share. The skin is tender and the color beautiful. Lacinato Kale, a member favorite, Red Ace Beets and Butternut Winter Squash. A fall feast. This variety of Butternut is very dry fleshed and a bit of Maple Syrup will be perfect to moisten the cooked squash and give that unequaled Upstate New York flavor to the dish. There is still Maple Syrup available through the online CSA Marketplace in grades A and B. Grade A is a bit milder, Grade B is generally used for cooking or for those that like a stronger maple flavor.  

The lettuce is still looking good. We have not had a killing frost yet and will continue to pick fall lettuce. It will take extra rinsing again this week.  The rains have been heavy once again.  

The complete updated Bulk Vegetables list of items available through the online CSA Marketplace can be found on the Farm Blog section: Potatoes, Turnips, Beets, Carrots, Collards, Kale all available in bulk size. Mutsu, Golden Delicious, Rome and Empire Apples, Bosc Pears in Bulk Fruit.  Coffee, Chocolate, Maple and Mushrooms are available.  The honey is just about gone. There are 1 pound jars remaining but that number is limited. The beekeeper is leaving more honey for the bees to help them survive the winter. 

Enjoy the harvest.
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm