Week #23 — Note from Farmer — About Brussel Sprouts and Evercrisp Apples — Sign up for next year

Dear CSA Member,

We have received a good amount of rain this past week and, now that the fields have dried out we are taking full advantage. We have been cleaning up the fields and preparing them for the winter months. Today we are planting garlic for the 2018 season!

The 2018 season is now open and we would like to Thank all the members that have signed up already! We are running an early signup special $15 off your standard vegetable share. Check your CSA site details for your sites current offers. Your $15 discount will be taken off at checkout. To reserve your spot for the 2018 season you can login to your account to place your order. Click on 2018 CSA Shares If you have any questions please let me know. info@stoneledge.farm

**REMINDER** There is only one last delivery after this week. Your final pickup for the 2017 season will be Tuesday, November 14th. Don’t forget to order your winter items from the online marketplace. Login to your account to place your order! Click Here
Final Ordering for Marketplace Items:
Friday, November 10th. by 12pm – Last chance to order mushrooms.
Monday, November 13th by 3pm – Last chance to order Coffee, Maple Syrup, Honey, Seed Oils, Vegetables and Fruit in Bulk.

Brussels Sprouts: This week you will be getting Brussels Sprouts. Below is information on how to prepare the Brussels Sports.

Use a paring knife to separate the sprout from the stalk.
Trim the base of each sprout close to the bottom but, not too close that the sprout starts to come apart.

3. Peel away and discard any browning or blemished leaves.
4. You are now ready to cook the Brussels Sprouts.

Fruit Share Members: This week you will be getting a specialty apple in your share. It is called the Evercrisp Apple. The Evercrisp Apple is a cross between a Fuji and a Honeycrisp Apple. The farmer told us that if you left the apple in the refrigerator they taste more like a Fuji and if left out on your table they taste more like a Honeycrisp!

-Candice for Everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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