Week #3 — Note from the Farmer

Dear CSA Member

This is a very busy time on the farm. The harvest is now well underway but there are greenhouses full of seedlings needing to be transplanted for fall. Weeds are trying to make a hold and there is constant cultivation to keep them under control. It is hard to keep up with all that needs to be done day to day. It is also a wonderful time of year when months of work which was started in February is ready for harvest.

This is salad season. It comes and goes quickly so enjoy the greens of spring. The Romaine can be grilled, Lettuce Soup recipe is on the farm website and if you are invited to dinner or a party, volunteer to bring the salad! This week the lettuces are beautiful. The lettuce is mature but still sweet and tender. Frisee Endive is new this week. Finely serrated leaves are great in a salad.

Summer Spinach is a staple on the farm and the first delivery will come in your share this week.

It seems a bit early but you may like to make a note on your calendar that the Fall Farm Festival will be held September 3 this year. It is a great day to share with family and other CSA members on the farm.

The CSA Marketplace is open and you can log into your CSA Member Account to order Honey, Maple Syrup, Coffee and Chocolate. Mushrooms are also available weekly from the Marketplace. Mushroom orders must be received by Friday 11 AM . All of the products that we offer on the Marketplace are grown or produced on small family farms. Support family farmers locally, in Central America and Grenada with your Marketplace order. http://www.stoneledge.farm/marketplace

*Please note that the labels for the Maple Industry have changed.
Formally Grade A is now- Maple Syrup Grade A Dark Color Robust Taste
Formally Grade B is now- Maple Syrup Grade A Very Dark Color Strong Taste
Same syrup, different labeling system

Enjoy the Harvest
Stoneledge Farm

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