Week #8 — A Note From the Farmer

Week #8

Dear CSA member:

This week will be the first of the peppers and tomatoes. We have been waiting since last summer for these favorites. What a wonderful harvest! This may be the year of the eggplant though.  We will not send as much this week but there will be eggplant.

CSA member The Chocolate Ladyhttp://inmolaraan.blogspot.com has shared a few of her favorite eggplant recipes. They are listed below. If you have a favorite blog or web site that you would like to share, please pass the information on.

Georgian eggplants with cilantro, especially for the Orient Express eggplants:


For the larger eggplants the walnut sauce is perfect:


And this for any summer afternoon:


Any type of eggplant loves to be stuffed:


I made this recipe for a rare variety of red eggplants (get a load of the pictures!) but it is great for any kind.

And since we also have lots of squash, don’t forget ratatouille:


If you are feeling adventurous, a member also shared a link for eggplant pizza crust: http://lexiscleankitchen.com/2013/09/06/paleo-pizza/

Good things to eat in your share and also from the online CSA Marketplace. Richard Sandhaus, Better CheaperSlower.com has also shared a link to a delicious morning treat, http://www.BetterCheaperSlower.com/chocolatemoussebreakfast — chocolate mousse for breakfast.  The health benefits of chocolate are well documented and the Grenada Chocolate Company Organic Dark Chocolate is some of the best.  To place orders for any of the Marketplace items, log into your CSA member account, select Marketplace and then order.

Take care,


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