Stoneledge Farm Market Place

Stoneledge Farms Market Place delivered with your share. Available for delivery every Tuesday during the season. Order online at Stoneledge Farm website, for delivery Tuesday after they receive your order. Or pickup order forms are at the membership table; fill out. Your order will then be available for pick up the following Tuesday.

Order Here
It’s best to visit Stoneledge Farm’s website to see the most up-to-date products. During the season Stoneledge lists bulk fruit and vegetables listed for purchased, updated on a weekly basis. Below are four items that are always available.

Honey & Maple Syrup
This is Stoneledge Farm’s own honey, and syrup from a neighboring maple tree farmer.

The Coffee Share Project
Farmer to Farmer coffee grown and harvested by local Mayan families in the highlands around Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Ideal conditions for Mayan farmers to cultivate and harvest some of the world’s best shade-grown Arabica Coffee. Stoneledge buys from them at above fair-trade price and sends the green beans to a local roaster just before delivery.

The Mushrooms are raised naturally but are not Certified Organic and are freshly picked and pre-packed before delivery from a neighboring Mushroom Farm.

Organic Dark Chocolate
Organic Dark Chocolate from the Grenada Chocolate Company, a cooperative of cocoa farmers and chocolate makers working together. The first tree to bar, award winning Organic Chocolate.