What’s in the Bag — Week 7

Vegetables – Full Share
Summer spinach – 1 bunch
Summer squash – 2 pieces
Heirloom cucumbers (Boothby and Poona Kheera) – 6 This is the bountiful harvest time for cucumbers.
Marketmore cucumbers (green slicing) – 3
White Clara eggplant – 1 Be careful picking up the eggplant.  The stem end can have very sharp spines.
Scallions – 1 bunch
Fennel – 1 The bulbs are small but still tender.
Amethyst basil – 1 bunch This makes a beautiful flavored vinegar.  Immerse basil in a light vinegar.  The light purple color and basil flavoring are perfect for this type of vinegar.  Use to make salad dressing. Also can be used as you would use green basil.
Leeks – 1 bunch
Oriental eggplant – 2 pieces

Mushroom Share

Fruit Share
1 bag of white peaches
1 bag of white nectarines

You can tell the difference by the skin. The peaches are fuzzy, and the nectarines are smooth.