What’s in the Bag? Week 20

Veggies Butternut winter squash-1 Cauliflower-1 head Turnips-2 Lettuce-2 heads Broccoli-1 Radish-1 bunch Potatoes-2 pounds Garlic-2 heads Kohlrabi -1 bunch (fall planting — it’s sweet and delicious!) Sage-1 bunch Carrots-1 pound Jalapenos (hot peppers) – help yourself! Half shares — odd… Read moreWhat’s in the Bag? Week 20

What’s in the Bag — Week #14

UPDATED LIST — Posted Monday evening Veggies  Green beans – 1 pound Tomatoes – 2 (These are probably the last of the tomatoes.) Asian eggplant – 2 Edamame -1 bunch.  (Edamame are soybeans. Pluck the pods from the stalk and… Read moreWhat’s in the Bag — Week #14