Farmer’s Note — Week 9

Dear CSA Member

We have been blessed with beautiful summer weather the last couple of days. Sunshine without the intense heat and humidity. What we hope summer will be.

We are back in the greenhouses seeding transplants for the fall. Transplanting started in February and as the transplants grow and are large enough to move into the field more seeds are planted and take their place in the greenhouse. The seeding continues through this last seeding in August. It has been a long stretch of seeding, tending and transplanting into the garden.

The Walla Walla onions that you are receiving this week in your share were some of the first seeds we started late in the winter. One seed at a time per cell in the flat. Each onion has been seeded by hand, watered and tended in the greenhouse until it was the size of a really thick, tall piece of grass. Each onion was then transplanted by hand into the field. Watered, weeded and tended in the field until they were big enough to harvest. The Walla Walla are a sweet summer onion. They will not store and should be used up during the week and kept in the refrigerator.

Carrots with their greens, just beautiful. I do not know if you can eat the greens. Some say yes, some say no. I would stick to the safer route and not eat the greens. They do smell great though. The carrots will stay best if you remove the greens from the carrot root. A bouquet of carrot greens? Not sure what other good use there may be unless you have a rabbit for a pet.

White Russian Kale. I have become a fan of raw Kale salad. There is a recipe on the recipe section of the farm website, Recipe, Kale listing.

If you have a recipe you would like to share, please send it to the farm. The Chelsea CSA is also gathering recipes for a CSA Recipe Book that they are working on. If you have a recipe that you would be willing to share for the book, please go to the following link :

Tomatoes, Eggplant, Summer Savory and Basil round out the share. Summer is great.

This week is a Coffee Share delivery. Please remember to pick up your Coffee Share.

The tomato harvest is going to be very good this year. We are sending a very nice share already. Members inquired last season about purchasing in bulk to freeze or can. This week due to the great harvest there will be a limited number of 25 pound boxes of field run tomatoes and also 1/2 bushel 10 bunch boxes Genovese Basil that can be ordered from the online Marketplace. The orders will need to be placed by Friday. The products will be available Tuesday online from the Marketplace.

Enjoy the Vegetables
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm