Week#14- Note from Farmer — Creamy Potato Leek Soup with Collard Greens Recipe

Dear CSA Member,

The Farm Visit was a great turn out! We had such beautiful weather and an all around good day! We would like to thank all of our CSA members that made the trip to come visit farm yesterday. And, special thanks to the vendors that joined us yesterday. The Bees Knees Cafe at Heather Ridge Farm, James Mikmanus and his niece with local honey and the observation hive, Kim from Paridis to Go for making all the delicious pork and chili. It was a really great day and we’re so thankful you could join us! * If you have any pictures from the farm visit please share them with us info@stoneledge.farm we would love to use them on Facebook and our website.

This week in your share you will be getting potatoes, onions and collard greens. Try this Rich and Creamy Potato Leek Soup with Collard Greens. This Recipe is by Andrea Beaman from the Yorkville CSA. Thank you Andrea! It is delicious! You can replace the leeks with the current onions you have in your share. It is great for this time of year!

Marketplace: Check Daily for Vegetable and Fruit Updates.

This week is an optional coffee & dry bean share week. If you have ordered these optional shares please do not forget to pick them up with your vegetable share. Thank You!


Candice for Everyone at Stoneledge Farm

Week #19 — Note from the Farmer

Dear CSA Member

Fall is here and the trees are starting to show the beauty of their fall colors. The fall crops that we planted late this summer are starting to come into their season as well. Boc choi this week and the fall seeding of Mustard Greens along with Collards, Butternut, Leeks, Sage and Carrots. There are new recipes on the farm website Recipe section that feature many of the vegetables in this weeks share.

Market place items are great for holiday gift giving and do sell out as we move into the last weeks of the CSA season. There are also bulk quantities of vegetables and new this week is a limited number of broccoli, along with kale, collards, apples and pears. Taking a jar of home made apple sauce from the self is a treat during the winter. Kale is easily frozen and makes a great addition to a winter time nutritional shake. To freeze kale for winter nutritional shakes just wash, chop, stuff cupcake tins and freeze. Once the kale is frozen pop the cubes into a freezer bag. You can also freeze kale loose in freezer bags and then take what you need. Collards can be frozen the same way. When you are mixing a shake add a cube or a handful of frozen greens for an nutritional winter time boost. This is the time of year to preserve the harvest for the long winter that is ahead.

Enjoy the fall and bounty of the harvest.
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm