Week #3 — Note from the Farmer

Dear CSA Member,

We hope everyone has been enjoying the bounty of the past week’s harvests.  The weather has been, just beautiful!  The fields are looking more and more colorful each day.  The lettuce is in full peak right now; please enjoy the flavorful lettuce while it lasts.  Before you know it, we will be switching to summer crops.  Lettuce doesn’t grow in the heat of the summer.  The weather conditions right now are perfect for the lettuces.

We have some great videos this week we would like to share.  Two are from the City Island CSA and one was just added today from farmer Pete.  Check them out.
City Island CSA Pickup
City Island CSA Lettuce Video 

Don’t forget!  The final day to order optional fruit shares is June 29th.  For more information about the fruit share, please click here.

The online marketplace is open!  We have vegetables and herbs available this week in bulk.  Great for freezing, or drying.  We also have local honey, maple syrup, sriracha sauce and more!  Login to your member account to place your order.  All marketplace orders will be delivered with your CSA shares.  Please order by 1 pm the day before your CSA pickup to guarantee your delivery. Order any seed oil between now and the end of June and receive 6 bunches of oregano.  Great to make a homemade salad dressing or to dry and use as needed.

This weeks recipes! You can find more on our website!

Kohlrabi: Kohlrabi is a member of the cabbage family. It can be eaten raw (grated in coleslaw or salad), pickled, or cooked (in soups or stews, or as a baked side dish) Red Lentil, Kohlrabi and Grain Curried Salad

Mint: Makes a lovely tea, summertime drink, or add to a summer dish. Easy Fresh Mint Tea Recipe, Mint Recipes

Swiss Chard: Surprisingly Swiss Chard is in the Beet family. Swiss Chard can be eaten raw or cooked. (similar to how you would prepare spinach)
Chickpea and Green Patties, Skillet Mushrooms and Chard

Red Mustard: Mustard Greens can be added to a salad, stir fry or, a garnish on a prepared meal. Mustard Greens With Chick Peas and Curry

Napa Cabbage: Great to make a quick Kimchi, Slaw, Stir Fry, Spring Rolls or even stuffed!
Cole Slaw Teriyaki Fried Beef Wraps Sweet and Sour Cabbage

Garlic Scapes: The flower bud of the garlic. The scape gets removed in late June to encourage the garlic bulbs to thicken up for our fall harvest. Enjoy as you would garlic.
Garlic Scape Pesto

Mushroom Share- White Button: Skillet Mushrooms and Chard
Have a recipe you can share? Email it to the farm!

Eat Me UP!
-Lettuces, Radishes, Napa Cabbage, Red Mustard

Zero Waste! You can freeze or dry me!
-(Freeze, Swiss Chard, Kohlrabi) (Dry, Mint)
Storage Tips:
Greens & Lettuces- Washed, in a salad spinner or, in a plastic bag with a paper towel.
Cabbage- Washed, in a plastic bag and placed in the refrigerator.
Garlic Scapes- In a plastic bag, in the refrigerator. Will keep for two to three week.
Kohlrabi- Washed, and store in paper or plastic bag in the refrigerator. Will last for several weeks.

Enjoy the Harvest,
Candice for everyone at Stoneledge Farm
Stoneledge Farm LLC

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Week #6 — Note from the Farmer

Dear CSA Member,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July!  It turned out to be a beautiful day!
As the leafy greens are winding down the Squash, Cucumber, Eggplant and other summer vegetables are ramping up!  The summer vegetables are all flowering and they are all growing beautifully.  Check out our Facebook and Instagram for photos.

New this week is fresh mint.  Here are some delicious ways to use mint.  http://www.elizabethrider.com/10-ways-use-fresh-mint/  One of our favorites is making a mint ice tea.  Great for a refreshing Hot Summer Day!  You will also be getting Fennel this week.  Here is a link with some great ways to prepare and eat fresh fennel. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/five-ways-to-eat-fresh-fennel-78022417/

Escarole will be coming this week as well.  It looks smaller to lettuce but it is an Italian cooking green.  It pairs well will Chicken and beans.  It is very popular being cooked with white beans.  It is a bitter green but has a milder flavor when cooked.

If you have any other recipes you would like to share please email directly to the farm.  We can add them to our website.

Fruit in Bulk Available this week:  Blueberries and White Cherries.
Vegetables in Bulk Available this week:  Garlic Scapes, Scallions, Spinach
To order Login to your account and Click Marketplace.  Follow the steps from there.
Quantities are Limited.  Please order right away if you are interested.

Enjoy the Harvest,
Candice for Everyone at Stoneledge Farm

CHCSA Newsletter/Recipes — Week 3

Here is the newsletter for week 3. As stated by one of the core group members — “Judi, you’ve managed to come up with great recipes for the mint, and just about every veggie in our share this week. Fabulous.” PJ

Thanks again to YooMi for putting the newsletter together.

WEEK 3.2012