Week #21 — Note from the Farmer

Dear CSA Member,

We have had our first frost this week. (See our Instagram or Facebook for photos) It makes for a bone-chilling morning but a beautiful morning as well. We will be planting garlic for the 2019 season today. Garlic gets planted late fall by hand directly in the fields. Come summer the garlic will be ready to be harvested. For a successful garlic harvest, it requires the perfect winter weather conditions. Cold days with a nice insulating layer of snow. This week’s share is a true fall bonty. You will be getting, beets, celeriac, potatoes, winter squash, kale and more. We always love this time of year! There are so many great warm fall dishes to make with this harvest. Or, meet in the middle and make this Fall Harvest Salad. Not a hot meal but not a cold one either! We hope you enjoy this weeks harvest! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for the latest update from the farm.

There are great items available on the marketplace. Stock up on these items for the winter months, or order for gifts. We have local honey, local maple syrup, organic coffee, organic dry beans, organic sriracha sauce, and much more! New to the marketplace is Stoneledge Farm wool. We have blankets, rugs, mittens, scarfs, and yarns. With this chilly weather ahead these items will be sure to keep you warm! Alternatively, order these items for a loved one. They make a great gift.

Our marketplace items sell out quickly this time of year. Please order soon if you are interested.
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Marketplace Special-
SPOOKY Ghost Pepper Sriracha Sauce Special.
Purchase ANY Sriracha Sauce on the marketplace and receive 10% off. Use code SPOOKY
The sriracha sauce is organic, locally grown, and produced by Kitchen Garden farm in MA.
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Order before 1pm the day before your delivery to receive your order this coming week. Mushroom marketplace orders need to be placed the Friday before your delivery by 12pm.

Fruit Share Recipe: Waldorf Salad & Apple Sauce
Mushroom Share Recipe: Beer-Battered Portobello Tacos

Winter Squash: It is that time of year! I have added a few delicious recipes that are universal with acorn and butternut squash. How to freeze winter squash?
Acorn Squash with Greens
Pumpkin or Winter Squash Pie
Winter Squash Soup
Maple Pecan Butternut Squash
Butternut Squash and Maple Glazed Coffee Cake

Radishes: Easter-egg Radishes this week. You will notice how tender they are this fall. Beautifully colored with a bright white center. They make a perfect picture!
35 Radish Recipes That Are More Than Just Snacks

Potatoes: Italian Roast Potatoes
Spanish Potato Crusted Frittata
Potato and Celeriac Gratin

Celeriac: Not just for soup! It is Delicious in soups and stews. Try these recipes and think outside the box!
Celeriac Mash
Roasted celeriac with marsala
Celeriac Salad (Sellerie Salet)

Kale: If you would like something warm try this delicious soups.
Potato and Kale Soup
Portuguese Kale Soup

Eat Me UP!- Lettuces, Onions, Radishes, Potatoes
Freeze: Winter Squash, Kale and Greens, Celeriac
Dry: Sage
Email the farm info@stoneledge.farm
Blanching Steps

Enjoy the Harvest,
Candice for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

Week #19 — Note from the Farmer

Dear CSA Member,

It is looking more and more like fall here, and it feels like it too! Everyone is still working away and adjusting to the cooler 48-degree mornings. (It is much different than the 70-degree mornings we are used to) Now when we listen to the weather, they are talking about pockets of frost! Currently, on the farm, most of the fall cover crops have been planted. Pete Jr. taught Juan how to run the seeder tractor this past week, and Geo now runs the cultivator. (see our Facebook and Instagram for photos) It is an excellent time of year to learn new jobs on the farm. We are so lucky to have such a great team!

This week is the first harvest of Sweet Potatoes. They are Beautiful! They didn’t mind this extremely rainy summer. We are also harvesting the first of the fall turnips. These turnips are called White Bella Luna Turnips. They are a small, beautifully white, and perfectly round turnip. We hope you enjoy this weeks harvest!

Marketplace Special-
SPOOKY Ghost Pepper Sriracha Sauce Special.
Purchase ANY Sriracha Sauce on the marketplace and receive 10% off. Use code SPOOKY
The sriracha sauce is organic, locally grown, and produced by Kitchen Garden farm in MA.

New on the marketplace is Stoneledge Farm hand crafted wool items and yarns.
A great way to stay warm with the cool months ahead! They also make great gifts!
Also, available on the marketplace is coffee, dry beans, honey, maple syrup and more.
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Fruit Share Recipe: Waldorf Salad
Mushroom Share Recipe: Portobello Lasagna

Frisee Endive: A return item from the spring! Like the lettuces these greens grow well in cooler temperatures. Not sure what to do with this item? Here are a few recipes to help!
Curly Endive Recipes (there are some great ones on here!)
Curly-Endive Salad with Bacon and Poached Eggs
Wilted Curly Endive

Mizuna: A dark leafy green you might recognize from the spring shares. Mizuna has a slightly peppery flavor and can be eaten raw or cooked. This is a great recipe from a CSA member Chrys Napolitano, Locust Point CSA.
Spicy Peanut Sauce over Asian Greens

Romaine Lettuce: Many ways to use, but there is nothing like a fresh Caesar Salad! Caesar salad with Romaine Lettuce

Radishes: Who doesn’t love a good radish!? A crisp church and a peppery flavor! Adds a nice fresh flavor to your dish.
Roasted Radishes with Brown Butter, Lemon, and Radish Tops
35 Radish Recipes That Are More Than Just Snacks

White Bella Luna Turnips: A beautiful pure white, small tender and perfectly round turnip. Great for cooking or using is a fresh salad.
Turnips and Potato Patties
Roasted Baby Turnips with Parsley-Mustard Vinaigrette

Eat Me UP!- Endive, Radish, Lettuce, Mizuna, Onions
Freeze: Sweet Potatoes, Turnips, Kale

Email the farm info@stoneledge.farm
Blanching Steps

Enjoy the Harvest,
Candice for everyone at Stoneledge Farm


AUGUST 21, 2018

Hi All,

We’re at the midpoint of our season, and what a summer it’s been. Rain, rain and more rain! Fortunately for us, our farmer has endured, under great duress, and the farm has produced lots of wonderful vegetables.

We’re getting more bell peppers this week. They are great for stuffing, and today’s recipe is easy and delicious.



  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Spray the inside of the  bell pepper halves with cooking spray and place them on a baking sheet.
  3. Bake the peppers in the preheated oven until slightly tender, about 10 minutes.
  4. Heat 1 tablespoon of butter and 2 tablespoons of oil in a skillet over medium heat. Cook and stir 3 green onions, and add garlic.
  5. When the garlic is fragrant,  add the chicken, ground black pepper, and cumin. Cook until the chicken is no longer pink in the center and its juices run clear, 4 to 5 minutes.
  6. Add the orzo and chicken broth and simmer until the orzo is cooked through but firm and the broth is absorbed, about 10 – 11 minutes.
  7. Spoon the chicken mixture into the bell peppers and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.
  8. Bake in the preheated oven until the cheese is melted, about 7 minutes.
  9. Heat 1 teaspoon of oil and 1 teaspoon of butter in a skillet; Cook and stir the portobella mushrooms and the remaining green onion until tender, about 5 minutes. Season with salt and black pepper. Spoon about 2 tablespoons of the mushroom mixture onto each stuffed bell pepper.

HELPFUL HINT: Never salt or pepper mushrooms until the end of cooking them. They will dry out and taste awful. Add the salt and pepper when they’re cooked.

ANOTHER HELPFUL HINT: You can use any kind of cheese in this dish: mozzarella, brie, American – anything you like. They’re all good.

I hope you enjoy this dish. The leftovers freeze well and keep in the refrigerator for at least five days.

Have a delicious week!



Week #10 — Note from the Farmer

Dear CSA Member,

The weather forecast has been very unsettling these past few weeks and again this coming week. We are always keeping our eye on the sky. We are indeed ready for some normal summer weather (aren’t we all!?) This week we will be picking tomatoes again for your CSA shares. We have plum tomatoes available through the online marketplace great for canning and making sauce. If you are interested, please order as soon as possible. With all the rain in the forecast, it is hard to tell how long these tomatoes will last. Login to your member account to place your order. (limited availability)

Sweet corn has been added to the marketplace today for week #11’s delivery. Story’s sweet corn is available on the Marketplace for 4 weeks only. Story’s sweet corn Non-GMO and conventionally grown. It is not organic. There is a limited amount available each week. The order deadline is Friday, August 10th by 1 pm for week #11 delivery. If you need help logging in the marketplace, please let me know.

Don’t forget; We invite you to our annual Fall Farm Festival. Saturday, September 1st here on the farm. 145 Garcia Lane, Leeds NY 12451. Bring your family for a great day on the farm. It is a great day to come to the farm and see how your vegetables are grown, meet your farmers, and walk the fields. We have the grill hot and will have pork as well as grilled Sweet Corn by Kim and Mickael of Paradis to Go http://paradistogo.com Kim will also make a batch of Stoneledge Farm Vegetable Chili. There will be fresh fruit, Stoneledge Farm Coffee, and water. We ask that members bring a dish to share so that lunch is a giant potluck get together. If possible, please bring your place settings, utensils, and cup. No pets, please.

Make a getaway out of it and enjoy the Catskills! Use this link and plan your trip today.


Fruit and vegetables available in bulk weekly. Check back often for updates. Local Mushrooms, Local Honey, Maple Syrup, Organic Dry Beans, Organic Sriracha Sauce and more.
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Order Deadlines: Mushroom’s and Sweet Corn the Friday before your CSA delivery by 12pm.
All other marketplace orders Monday by 1pm.

Tag #stoneledge.farm in your Instagram or Facebook photos and receive 5% off coupon to the marketplace. Send a screenshot of your post to info@stoneledge.farm to receive your coupon. 1 coupon per member per week! (example- share photo, meal photo, picking up your CSA shares)

This week’s recipes! You can find more on our website!

Celery: Stoneledge Farm Celery! Not your average store celery. This is a beautiful dark green and extremely flavorful celery. Easy to freeze for winter soups and stews or enjoy raw with not butter or in a summer salad.

Eggplant: It’s that time of year! How many ways can you make Eggplant? Our favorite is the Italian way! Yum!
BA’s Best Eggplant Parmesan Eggplant Jumbot Crunchy Broiled Eggplant
15 Easy Eggplant Recipes

Lacinato Kale: A long dark green leaf variety of kale. A staple in Italian cuisine. You can sauté, steam and it makes great Kale chips!
Kale Chips Sauteed Kale with Smoked Paprika
Kale Tabbouleh

Tomatoes: So many varieties! Share your favorite tomato recipe! We love tomatoe, mozzarella, basil and balsamic!
Mozzarella and Tomato with Balsamic Vinegar

Hot Peppers: Can be strung up, and hung to dry and use at a later time. Once they are dry you can crush them and use them as needed when cooking.

Mushroom Share – Portobello– Great on the grill this time of year! Or, have you ever tried making a pizza??! 10-minute portobello pizzas

Storage: Leafy Greens- In a plastic bag in the refrigerator.
Tomatoes- Preserve or eat fresh right away.
Peppers- Crisper draw
Onions- Crisper draw
Eggplant- Crisper draw

Eat Me UP!- Onions,
Zero Waste! Freeze, or Can!- Tomatoes, Basil, Celery, Kale, Spinach, Eggplant, Peppers, Tomatoes
Have questions on how to preserve some these items?
Email the farm info@stoneledge.farm
Blanching Steps

Enjoy the Harvest,
Candice for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

Portbello sliders

From The Love & Lemons Cookbook.Love and Lemons

Serves: 4

For the pepita pesto:

  • 1/2 cup pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
  • garlic clove
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • teaspoons fresh lemon juice
  • cups cilantro (or basil)
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil, plus more to taste
  • 1/4 teaspoon honey, optional (skip or replace with agave if vegan)

For the portobello sliders:

  • small portobello mushrooms
  • Extra-virgin olive oil, for drizzling
  • Balsamic vinegar, for drizzling
  • Tamari, for drizzling
  • Pepper, to taste
  • slider buns, toasted
  • tomato, sliced
  • 1/2 cup microgreens
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  1. Make the pesto. In a small food processor, combine the pepitas, garlic, and a few pinches of salt and pepper. Pulse until combined. Add the lemon juice, cilantro (or basil), and cumin and pulse again. With the blade running, drizzle in the olive oil and purée until smooth. Taste and adjust seasonings. Add the honey, if desired (it will reduce bitterness in the cilantro).
  2. Make the sliders. Heat a grill or grill pan to medium heat.
  3. Prepare the mushrooms by removing the stems and cleaning the caps with a damp cloth or paper towel. Place the mushrooms in a medium bowl and drizzle with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, tamari, and pepper. Toss until well coated. (I use my hands to rub it all over until they are fully coated on both sides.)
  4. Place the mushrooms, gill side down, on the grill or grill pan. Cook about 10 minutes per side, or until the mushrooms are tender.
  5. Place the mushrooms on the toasted buns and top each with a tomato slice, microgreens, and a generous slather of pepita pesto.