Week #8 — What’s in the Bag

Here’s what’s in the bag for a full share — note it’s our first week of tomatoes! Half share amounts will be posted at the site. (Don’t forget to bring your own bags; and if you have any extra supermarket bags at home, please bring them to the site. We always need them.)

Lilac peppers-3
Bright Lights Swiss chard-1 bunch
Cinnamon basil-1 bunch
Slicer tomatoes-2
Walla Walla onions-2
Summer squash-4
Green Slicer cucumbers-2
Black Bell eggplant-1
Pony Express tomatoes-2

Mushroom Share-Shiitake

Fruit Share-1 basket each apricots and blueberries

What’s in the Bag — Week 6

Full Vegetable Share
Bright Lights Swiss chard – 1 bunch
Summer Squash – 2 pieces
Marketmore Green Cucumbers – 2
Eggplant – 2
Scallions – 1 bunch
Caraflex Cabbage – 1 head
Currants -1 basket. Currants are a fruit that we grow on the farm. Slightly tart. You can add them to cooked dishes or make a sauce by cooking them with some water and sugar. I use currant sauce with poultry as you would cranberry sauce.
Dill – 1 bunch. You can’t have all these cucumbers and not have dill.
Boothby Blonde/Poona Kheera cucumbers – 4

Half Vegetable Share
Even gets cabbage

Mushroom Share

Fruit Share
1 box each of local no-spray blueberries and local sweet cherries.


What’s in the Bag — Week 7

Dear CSA Member

The huge storm that rolled through the metropolitan area last week completely missed the farm. We were waiting for rain but all that arrived was more heat and humidity. Friday, without warning, it rained. Finally. A good soaking rain that everyone welcomed. The air has cooled and the temperature is almost 40 degrees cooler than just two days ago. It may seem that farmers are always talking about the weather, but it is what fills our thoughts, our plans and our days.

Slowly the summer vegetables are ripening. A week of Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage and also Scallions. The Lemon Basil is fragrant and the Chiogga Beets sweet with such amazing rings. The Chiogga Beets are an Italian heirloom beet. They have concentric rings of pink and white and are a beauty. The greens are delicious as well.

If you have had your fill of Beet Greens and Bright Lights Swiss Chard, clean, steam and put them in a plastic freezer bag. Pop it in your freezer and it will be an amazing treat during the winter months when the last greens are long gone.

Enjoy the vegetables
for everyone at Stoneledge Farm