JUDI’S RECIPES – Week 6 July 9, 2018

July 9, 2018

Greetings All,

Welcome to Cucumberland! There will be three cucumbers for each of us in this week’s half share, and full share members will get six. Such a cool, crisp, wet vegetable. It’s perfect for summertime.

Because it is such a wet vegetable, the cucumber lends itself to cold dishes, as cooking it will draw out all the moisture, and our poor cukes will just disappear!

So, this week’s recipe is a cool no-cook cucumber salsa.



       2 TBS lime juice
      1 tsp minced parsley
      2 tsp minced cilantro
      1/2 tsp dried dill weed
     1/2 tsp salt
     1 pkg tortilla chips
1. In a medium bowl, stir together the cucumbers, tomatoes, green pepper, jalapeno pepper, onion, garlic, lime juice, parsley, cilantro, dill, and salt.
2. Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour. Serve with tortilla chips.
That’s all there is to it – no sweat!
HELPFUL HINT: If you take the ribs and the seeds out of the jalapeno, it will be milder. You could also substitute a milder chili pepper, such as Anaheim.
I hope this dish will help you beat the heat. Enjoy!
Have a delicious week.

Week #9 — Note from the Farmer — FARM VISIT– Sept 2, Bruschetta Recipe, What to do with Amethyst Basil?

Dear CSA Member, 
The rain has finally left for a few days.  We are hoping for a good 4 day stretch of sunshine.  The tomatoes are just starting to ripen and the plants are looking great despite all the rain we have had.  The sunshine should make for a good tomato harvest in the coming weeks.  This weeks list will come with a lot of updates.  Due to all of the rain, we have had it is hard to determine the harvest.  An update will be sent out this weekend.
This week you will be getting Amethyst Basil.  Amethyst basil can be used the same way you would use green basil.  You can make an Amethyst basil vinegar to use in your favorite salad dressing recipe or drizzle on fresh bruschetta.  Pairs well with sunflower seed oil.  To make the vinegar add a couple sprigs of basil put in a jar and close.  Let sit for about a week until the vinegar turns a purple color.  Bruschetta Recipe  Click Here
Story’s sweet corn is available on the Marketplace for 4 weeks only.  Story’s sweet corn Non-GMO and conventionally grown.  It is not organic.  There is a limited amount available each week.  If you are interested please order soon. Corn orders must be placed by 12 pm the Friday before your CSA delivery.  If you need help logging in the marketplace please let me know.  
This week is an optional Coffee Share and Dry Bean Share delivery.  Please, do not forget to pickup your optional shares if you ordered them.
*Saturday, September 2nd will be the Stoneledge Farm Fall Festival.  11:30AM-3PM  It is a great day to come to the farm and see how your vegetables are grown, meet your farmers and walk the fields.  We have the grill hot and will have pork as well as grilled Sweet Corn, Portobello Mushrooms and vegetarian chili.  We ask that members bring a dish to share so that lunch is a giant pot luck get together.  Please bring your own place settings, utensils, and cup.   No pets, please.  
Enjoy the Harvest, 
Candice for Everyone at Stoneledge Farm
Bulk Items are added when they become available.  Check the website Marketplace for any new added Bulk Items Daily.  
Additional Marketplace Items: Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Flax Seed Oil, Roasted Pumpkin Seed Oil, Butternut Squash Seed Oil, Organic Coffee, Organic Chocolate, Organic Dry Beans, Maple Syrup and Honey
To order Login http://www.stoneledge.farm/marketplace  Follow the steps.

Week #15 – What’s in the Bag — Update

This is the updated list of veggies and fruits in the full shares. Note: This is the last week for tomatoes, a sure sign of fall!

Full vegetable share

Tomatoes – 4
Red potatoes – 2 pounds
Spinach – 1 bunch
Butternut winter squash – 1
Green beans – 1 pound
Shallots- 2
Peppers- 3
Broccoli – 1 head
Serrano hot peppers-4

Full fruit share

1 bag of Macintosh apples, Gala apples and Seckel pears, all grown by Fix Brothers Orchard
1 bag nectarines

Mushroom share

White Button, grown by Bulich Mushroom Company

Week #15 – Note from the Farmer

Dear CSA member:

We had a wonderful Farm Festival on Saturday, and it was great to meet so many CSA members and families. The day was perfect in every way. Delicious food, sunny, dry weather, potatoes aplenty for members to pick up and take home. The flowers even kept their bright colors for one last week for members to pick a bouquet to take home. Thank you to everyone who made the trip to the farm.

First of the winter squash this week. The variety is butternut, and they are a delicious small variety. Butternut winter squash and a drizzle of maple syrup added during baking are the perfect pairing. To bake winter squash, cut the squash in half and scoop out the seeds. The seed cavity makes a perfect hollow for the syrup. Bake until tender and enjoy. You can order locally produced 100% maple syrup from the online CSA Marketplace if you are interested, and the order will be delivered with your CSA shares.

Also this week, beautiful red potatoes. The skins are a rosy pink color, and the potatoes are wonderful cooked with the skins. There will be string beans one more time along with the last of the summer tomatoes and peppers.

Enjoy the harvest.

Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm


Judi’s Recipe — Week #23

Greetings! This is really the home stretch. I will not be at the CSA next week, so I want to say “ta ta” to you now. I wish you a warm and cozy winter, and look forward to seeing you all next June. Don’t forget that Lewis Waite will be delivering their wonderful products all winter.

Today’s recipe may seem complicated, but, once you assemble the ingredients, it’s very simple. It’s an enchilada recipe that uses kale pulp (yes, pulp!) after you juice the kale. It also uses potatoes and garlic, both of which we are getting this week. I hope you enjoy it, and that you have a delicious week!


2 bunches kale, washed and drained.

Enchilada Sauce
2 TBS olive oil
1 onion, diced
1 red bell pepper
2 poblano peppers
1 red jalapeno pepper
1 hot Italian pepper
2 1/2 tsp Ancho chili pepper
1 1/2 tsp cumin
1 tsp oregano
1 28 ounce can diced tomatoes, preferably roasted
1 tsp sugar
1 1/2 tsp salt
Enchilada Filling
1 lb yellow or red potatoes
2 TBS olive oil
4 cloves garlic, minced
3 cups kale pulp, from the juice, above
1/2 tsp. cumin
1/4 cup vegetable broth or water
3 TBS lime juice
1/4 cup walnuts, coarsely chopped, plus more for garnish
1 1/2 tsp salt
10 – 12 whole wheat tortillas
3/4 cups queso fresco or any cheese you like

1. Juice the kale first and set aside the pulp to use in the enchilada recipe.

2. Peel and cut the potatoes into 1-inch pieces. Rinse the cut pieces and cook, covered in water, in a large pot over medium high heat. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer for 20 to 25 minutes, or until tender. Drain and set aside.

3. Preheat the oven broiler. Place the peppers on the top rack of oven and let roast. Check every few minutes, rotating peppers, until they are charred on all sides. Remove them from oven, remove the seeds and rough chop the peppers. Reduce the oven temperature to 375 degrees.

4. In a sauce pan, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add the onion and sauté 5 to 7 minutes. Add chopped, roasted peppers, chili powder, cumin, Mexican oregano, tomatoes, sugar and salt. Let simmer for 10 minutes. Using a blender or immersion blender, puree sauce until smooth. Set aside.

5. In a large sauté pan, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add garlic, and sauté for 1 to 2 minutes. Add the kale pulp, and stir to combine with garlic. Add cooked potatoes, lime juice, broth, cumin, and walnuts. Stir to combine. Cook 5 to 8 minutes, until heated through.

6. Spray a 9×13 inch baking dish with nonstick spray. Spread a small amount of sauce around the bottom of the baking dish.

7. In a dry pan over medium low heat, heat each tortilla until flexible. Remove from heat. Dip the tortilla into the sauce and place into the baking dish. Fill the tortilla with some of the filling. Roll the tortilla around the filling and place seam side down in the baking dish. Continue until filling is divided among the tortillas.

8. Pour the remaining sauce over the top of the filled tortillas, making sure to cover the edges to prevent dried and tough edges.

Bake in the preheated oven 20 to 25 minutes. Sprinkle cheese across the top, if desired, during the last 5 minutes of baking.

Week #12 — Judi’s Weekly Recipe

Welcome to Week 12!
You may have noticed that we’re being inundated with peppers of all kinds. Lucky us!  They are a wonderful, nutritious and delicious vegetable. Versatile, too.
Here’s a recipe for a traditional Basque dish, which can be served as a main dish with the addition of protein, can be used as a side dish, or may be used as a condiment. It’s called Piperade.
  • plum tomatoes
  • 3TBS extra-virgin olive oil
  • medium onion, thinly sliced
  • medium green bell peppers, stem, seeds and ribs removed, roughly chopped (you can use any sweet peppers)
  • ½ tsp salt
  • cloves garlic, minced
  • tsp sugar
  • ½ tsp hot paprika
  1. Cut a small X into the bottom of each tomato. Bring a pot of water to a boil, add the tomatoes and cook until the skin begins to wrinkle and peel at the edges of the cuts, about 30 seconds.
  2. Drain, rinse with cool water and peel off the tomato skins with your fingers. Roughly chop the tomatoes and set aside.
  3. In a 12-inch skillet heat the oil over medium high heat, until hot but not smoking. Add the onions, peppers and salt and sauté, stirring frequently, until the onions are translucent and the peppers have started to lighten in spots, about 10 minutes. Add the garlic and continue to sauté for 1 more minute.
  4. Stir in the tomatoes, sugar and hot paprika, reduce the heat to medium, cover and cook until the tomatoes are starting to fall apart and the peppers are soft but still hold their shape, about 15 minutes.
  5. Remove the cover and continue to cook, stirring frequently, until the mixture thickens like a slightly runny relish, about 5 minutes more. Adjust the salt to taste.
Have a delicious week!

Week #8 — What’s in the Bag

Here’s what’s in the bag for a full share — note it’s our first week of tomatoes! Half share amounts will be posted at the site. (Don’t forget to bring your own bags; and if you have any extra supermarket bags at home, please bring them to the site. We always need them.)

Lilac peppers-3
Bright Lights Swiss chard-1 bunch
Cinnamon basil-1 bunch
Slicer tomatoes-2
Walla Walla onions-2
Summer squash-4
Green Slicer cucumbers-2
Black Bell eggplant-1
Pony Express tomatoes-2

Mushroom Share-Shiitake

Fruit Share-1 basket each apricots and blueberries

Farmer’s Note — Week 12

Dear CSA Member

Tomatoes. If you can‘t use all of the tomatoes you receive with your CSA share they are easy to freeze. A number of years ago a CSA member told me about her freezing method for tomatoes. Before that time I had always blanched them, taken the skins off and then put them in freezer bags. She said that her mom would wash the tomatoes, cut the tomatoes in 1/2 or 1/4 and put them in freezer bags. When they were ready to use the tomatoes were thawed and the skins would slip right off. It really does work great.

There is a whole list of produce that we have available in bulk this week from the online Marketplace. We have tomatoes by the 25 pound box if there are members that would like to preserve for the wintertime. Hot Peppers, Genovese Basil from our farm. Peaches and Blackberries from neighboring orchard and farm. The Peaches are conventionally grown, the Blackberries are no spray but not Certified Organic.

Members asked to have the list of what will be in the upcoming share and also the bulk order produce available. I will post on the farm website Farm Blog a good guess of the upcoming Share and the list of the bulk produce. You can place a Marketplace order anytime during the week and your order will be delivered with the next CSA share delivery.

The Fall Farm Visit is coming fast. The visit is scheduled for September 7 from 11:30-3. Use the 145 Garcia Lane, Leeds, NY 12451 address. Please bring a dish to share and your own place setting. We will have a barbecue along with roast corn, portobello mushrooms and a Vegetarian Chili. Fresh fruit, water and coffee will also be available. We will have wagon rides around the fields, Scarecrow making, pick a bouquet of flowers and a bunch of carrots to take home. Our own Marketplace items will be available for purchase. There will be three other local farms and businesses at the visit: Heather Ridge Farm Contact Heather Ridge to place an order before the festival or pick up some of their fiber products, beeswax candles and other products at the festival. Info at http://heather-ridge-farm.com/ or www.facebook.com/pages/Heather-Ridge-Farm. Wiltbank Farm Gary Wiltbank with baskets of Shiitake and Oyster Mushrooms.
Banana Moon Baking Company https://www.facebook.com/BananaMoonBakingCompany with their delicious home made baked goods..

Hope to see you on the 7th at the Fall Farm Festival.
Enjoy the Vegetables
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm