This Week’s Share — Week 1


Red Radish Cherriette- 1 Bunch  (Don’t forget to use the greens!  Chop them finely and add to a salad.)
Red Scarlet Turnips- 1 Bunch  (Don’t mistake these for beets!  These turnips are a red skinned rustic turnip.  When you cut them open this inside is white)
Tropicana Green Leaf Lettuce- 1  head
Pomegranate Red Romaine, mini head lettuce-1 head
Arugula-1 bunch
Boc Choi- 1
Chinese Cabbage-1
Rhubarb.-1 bunch  (A tart spring time perennial.  Great recipes on the farm website)
Lacinato Kale- 1

Mushroom Shares- Crimini
Coffee Shares will be delivered

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