Week #18 — This Week’s Share

Potatoes-2 pounds
Broccoli-1 head
Ancho Peppers- 4 Mildly hot pepper. Still use caution.
Hot Peppers-Habanero 4 each Please use with caution.
Butternut Winter Squash-1
Red Russian Kale-1 bunch
Cilantro- 1 bunch
Green Suehilhung Mustard-1 bunch
Scarlet Queen Turnips with Greens-1 bunch
Cherriette Radish-1 bunch

Fruit Share-1 bag with
Anjou Pears, Bartlett Pears, Cortland Apples
Anjou and Bartlett are both sweet eating pears. Bartlett Pears are also used in cooking. Cortland Apples are great for fresh eating and also make beautiful applesauce. Leave the skin on while cooking and the white flesh of the apple will turn a light pink.
Fruit grown by the Fix Brothers Orchard

Mushroom Share-White Button Mushrooms
Mushrooms grown by Bulich Mushroom Company