Week #23 — A Note from the Farmer

Dear CSA Member

At long last Garlic. We know that members have been waiting for garlic. Last winter was very difficult for garlic. The extreme cold weather temperatures along with very wet conditions before the cold set in were less than ideal growing conditions. The bulbs are small but pungent and the total harvest was considerably less than our usual harvest. A large percentage of the harvested garlic was needed to be saved for seed to plant for next season with the hopes that Mother Nature will be a bit less brutal over this winter.

Each year a portion of the garlic harvest is used for seed for the next seasons crop. The Garlic bulb cloves are separated and each clove planted individually. The clove overwinters in the ground and will then produce a bulb the next summer. Garlic is planted in November, over winters in the garden, pushing the garlic scapes early in the spring time. The bulbs are harvested in July and the bulbs are hung to dry and cure in the barn, divided and then seeded in November. And the garlic circle continues.

There is still time to order Maple Syrup, Coffee and Chocolate from the CSA Marketplace. There are also Bulk Vegetables and Bulk Fruit available.

Enjoy the harvest,
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm
There is a photo on the Farm Blog on the website and also on the farm FaceBook page of most of our crew from the 2014 season. Missing is Luis who is now in the US Navy and Candice who we couldn’t track down for the photo. It is not an easy task to get everyone together and standing still for a photo.