Week #9 — What’s in the Bag

Wow-what a share.

Biscayne Peppers-5 (long yellowish-light green)
Round of Hungry Peppers-2 (flat, shamrock shape. An heirloom)
Green Beans-1 pound
Parsley-1 bunch
Red Tomatoes-8
Yellow Sunkist Heirloom Tomato-1
Green Cucumber-5
Summer Squash-2
Orient Express Eggplant-4
Chiogga Beets with the Greens-1 bunch
Leeks-1 bunch
Sweet Corn-4 ears. This is the first year we have grown sweet corn. A bit tricky to grow organically. You may find a worm at the end of the ear. Snap the end off and enjoy the ear. It is almost impossible to keep them from the corn.

FRUIT SHARE-1 basket each
Shiro Sugar Plums-from Klein Kill Orchard
Blueberries-no spray. Last week for the blueberries. From Greig Farm

Oyster-from Bulich Mushroom Company