What’s in the Bag

Dear CSA Member

Cooler night times, cooler day times, the sun is shining with bright fall intensity.  The sky seems extra blue and the colors of the fall vegetables are like a sea of greens and blues.  During the farm visit a young member asked why some of the leaves of kale are blue.  We live with the shades across the field every day.  The variety of fall colors are taken for granted until they are viewed with fresh eyes.  There are many varieties of Brassicas that fill the shares during the fall and cooler months.  Kale, Collards, Cabbage are all family members, each with its’ own color, texture and flavor.

Each Brassica is bursting with health related benefits, beautiful colors and textures and taste.  This week Green Fall Cabbage is in your share.  There are  recipes for Sauerkraut in a Mason Jar, Cole Slaw and Braised Cabbage on the farm website, Recipe link.  Cabbage will also keep in your refrigerator vegetable bin for a very long time.

Carrots in colors.  The bunch of carrots in your share this week is something Peter tried for the first time this year.  We grow nice big delicious orange carrots.  They can’t be beat. Each December when we are ordering seed for the next season, the seed catalogs tempt us with new varieties, colors, shapes of the tried and true vegetables. Carrots come in many colors: orange, yellow, purple. This year Peter decided we would order a smaller amount of the purple and yellow carrots and mix those seeds with some orange carrot seeds. planting them all together in one row.  The result is a beautiful bunch of carrots with orange, purple and yellow.  I still think the orange are the best tasting, but the bunches are beautiful.  The yellow carrots almost seem like a Parsnip.  Long and thin.  The purple carrots are dark skinned but still orange on the inside.  We hope you like this diversion from orange.

If you would like to order Honey, Maple, Coffee or another of the Market Place products,  Click on Market Place at the farm website and log into your account.  The order will be delivered with your CSA shares.

This week on the farm Face Book page are a variety of photos of early fall.

Enjoy fall, enjoy the vegetables,
for everyone at Stoneledge Farm