What’s in the Bag — Week 12

Full Vegetable Share
Sungold Cherry Tomatoes-1 basket
Broccoli-1 head
Thyme-1 bunch
Cabbage-1 head. First of the fall planting of Cabbage.
Collards-1 bunch. So good.
Celery-1 head. The celery is not what you find on the grocery shelf. Our celery is very green, a bit on the tougher side but with a delicious flavor. Best used in cooking.
Hot Peppers-Serrano-4 if you like. I have added info on the Recipe Section of the farm website about freezing and drying hot peppers.

Half Vegetable Share
Odd will get broccoli
Even will get cabbage and celery.

Fruit Share
Blackberries-no spray-1 basket
Peaches-1 bag
Red Clapp Pears-1 bag

Mushroom Share