What’s in the Bag — Week 20

Dear CSA Member

Rain, rain, and more rain.  The fields are wet and muddy and so are we.  It seems fall has been making up for the lack of rain all summer.  The creeks are full again and the trees must be drinking in the moisture, but it makes for tough picking.  The updated farm Face Book page has photos of the farm during this wet fall weather.  There are also photos of Collards being picked for this week and the Pop Corn.  I have been keeping up with the changing weather and also the changing weeks by updating the photos weekly.  The Face Book site is https://www.facebook.com/StoneledgeFarm if you have not been to the site yet.

We are gleaning the fields, harvesting all of the crops that we can, and then discing the soil.  A cover crop of Winter Rye is seeded and the land is once again ready for winter.  The Winter Rye continues to grow even in the cold, the soil is never really resting.  Just because we can not see growth, there is more life and activity under the soil.

New this week is Pop Corn. It is great to have Pop Corn to send to you. Birds love the small seedlings as they emerge and learn just how to pluck them from the soil.  After a year of planting and then re-planting after birds ate every emerging plant, we stopped for the last couple of years.  The farm has grown and now we have fields that are closer to where we work on a daily basis. Although the birds did take more than their fair share, we have a very good harvest for the CSA members as well. To use fresh Pop Corn take the husk from the cob if it is still on. Let the corn sit for two weeks in a dry spot.  We have been drying the corn in the greenhouse, but the moisture just does not fully leave until the corn is kept inside. After a couple of weeks, take the kernels from the cob by pushing them off with your thumb. Once you get a row going, the others will be easier to remove. About 1/2 of the ear of corn is a good amount to pop at once.  Heat a pot with a cover and a dribbling of vegetable oil. Add the kernels and cover.  You will hear the popping start and then slow.  Take from the heat, add butter and salt if you would like.  Fresh Pop Corn is just delicious.

Honey in a one pound jar is just perfect for holiday gifts for teachers, baby sitters, friends.  Maple Syrup is so sweet and such a treat.  Apple Sauce and Pear Sauce have only fruit with no other ingredients added.  The Fresh Salsa is really delicious.  The weeks are slipping by and we are already on week #20.  To place a Market Place order just log into your account from the farm website home page.  Your order will be delivered with the CSA shares.

Enjoy the fall, the rain and the vegetables.
for everyone at Stoneledge Farm