What’s in the Bag — Week 4

Dear CSA Member

Sugar Snap Peas.  They consume all of our time when they ripen and the week arrives that we are picking them for your share.  Such little bits of delicious flavor take an army of workers to pick from their vines.  They are worth it all.  Sugar Snap Peas are a edible pod pea and the entire pod and the peas inside are eaten.  Snap the end and strip the string from the edge of the pea.  Use the entire pod.  Quickly sauteed they turn a bright green color and the sweet flavor is intensified.  This will all depend on first getting them from the CSA pick up to your kitchen.  Sugar Snap Peas are also delicious fresh.

There are still lettuces for salad. New this week is Golden Purslane.  Golden Purslane is a relative of the garden purslane plant many weed from their gardens.  For others, it is a prized addition to a salad.   From http://botanical.com/ -” The succulent leaves and young shoots are cooling in spring salads, the older shoots are used as a pot-herb and the thick stems of plants that have run to seed are pickled in salt and vinegar. Purslane is largely cultivated in Holland and other countries for these purposes.  From Johnny’s Selected Seeds, “Flavor is crisp and mild.  Known as “verdolaga” in Latin America.”

Escarole, Summer Spinach, some Summer Squash and Summer Savory.  The dramatic changes we have been experiencing in the weather have essentially stopped the Summer Squash in its tracks.  Plants respond to the weather with more or less growth depending on the stress level.

Summer Savory is also known as Annual Thyme.  The flavor and aroma are like Thyme and will make a wonderful salad dressing.

Market Place Orders will be delivered with the Vegetable Shares.  This is also the last chance to add a Fruit Share.  Please do so this weekend if you would like to add one to your subscription.

Enjoy the Vegetables
For everyone at Stoneledge Farm